Proud to be an American

Wednesday, February 22nd 2012 Cisco became a US Citizen!! There were lots of reasons he decided to become a citizen and it ended up being such a great day. We weren't expecting a lot with his ceremony and it ended up being super patriotic and we all were crying. My parents came with us (his parents were sick) and me, my mom, and my dad were all teary eyed through the whole thing. The funniest part was the two weeks before his ceremony happened he got the dreaded letter in the mail... jury duty. Ha so funny. The trial ended up getting cancelled so he was off the hook, for a whole 2 months when he got another letter in the mail summoning him yet again. This trial also got cancelled. Hopefully he doesn't keep getting called until he has to sit through a trial.

Waiting to go in

The judge and other official people conducting the session. (The kids are from some Junior High that got to attend)

Alex Boye (he is in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir) was in the same ceremony and the judge asked him if he wanted to sing the National Anthem. very cool.

Getting his official US Citizen certificate. 

Handsome citizen

Some fun facts about that day:
  • February 22nd is George Washington's birthday
  • There were 187 new citizens in that ceremony that day
  • the new citizens were from 58 different countries
  • The oldest person becoming a citizen was an 82 year old from Chile
  • The youngest person becoming a citizen was and 18 year old from Vietnam
We celebrated by going to Moochies of course. Because a philly cheesesteak is a perfect American meal. 
Here is a really fun video of Alex Boye singing the national anthem. I was so cool to see how emotional it was for him and brought tears to the eyes of almost everyone in the room. He said he has sung the national anthem over 100 times but was excited to sing it for the first time as a US Citizen. 

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