Adventures in Mexico

Cisco's good friend Victor was getting married in the San Diego temple on Friday June 1st, with the reception down in Mexico where his wife is from so we decided we would make the trip and we had such a fun time. I was 27 weeks along so it was quite the adventure driving in a car that long.
We left Wednesday after work and drove to Vegas where planned to stay for the night. We had looked up cheap hotel rooms and found a steal of a deal to stay at none other than the Excalibur... haha. We were in the newly renovated half of the hotel so the rooms were really nice and fancy but we have officially vowed never to stay on the strip again. We hate it. Having to walk through the smokey casino to check in is not our idea of a a fun thing.

The view from our room in the morning.
Thursday morning we left for San Diego where we would stay with my cousin Brent and Lien and their cutest little boy Landen. That drive was not nearly as fun because it was HOT and I was really sick of being uncomfortable in the car. Once we arrived we unpacked and relaxed and went to dinner at Buca di Beppo. The food was delicious and Cisco was IN LOVE with the decor. He could not stop laughing at how funny it all was. Landen only wanted to play with Cisco that whole night. I was exhausted just watching Cisco play and box with Landen. Kids love Cisco. It's a good thing we are having a boy for Cisco to play with and get all his energy out on.

How cute is he asking for help opening his mint

The pope room

Such a huge bowl of delicious seafood pasta
Friday we went to the beach for an hour before heading to the temple for the sealing. 

Victor and Paty with Victors two sisters, Hazel and Velvet.

I thought my bump was huge then... 

After the ceremony we headed to a restaurant for a buffet style lunch and then we caravanned with a group the 3 hours down to Mexico where the reception was the next day. After the lunch I was so surprised to discover that my feet and ankles were swollen to the max. My ankles were non-existant and my feet looked awesome. That was the first time I had any swelling and I have never had it as bad as I did those few days.

Paty is from San Luis Rio Colorado which is right beneath Yuma Arizona and therefore has the same weather as Yuma Arizona so it was a nice relaxing 110 degrees while we where there. Oh so fun. It was quite the experience crossing the border for the first time in my life. A little sketchy if you ask me. They didn't check our car or anything, it was just crazy seeing all these people selling things the second you get through the first checkpoint. We crossed in Mexicali so we avoided the Tijuana craziness. There was a toll booth to cross from Baja California into Sonora Mexico where San Luis Rio Colorado is. We were following two cars: Victor and Paty in one and Victor's parents with Victor's sister and her husband in the other. Victor's dad paid for our car at the toll booth and as soon as we pulled through the toll booth we got pulled over by the Mexican police. There was no reason to be pulled over, but they decided to come talk to us and Victor's dad (probably since we both had US license plates). Talk about a mini panic attack wondering what they were going to say since we didn't do anything wrong. They asked to see our license and registration (although what good that does since they cant check it in their system i have no idea). Cisco had to tell them the car wasn't in his name, that instead it was in my name and my dads name so I had to hand over my license. Thank goodness our registration happens to say Clyde or Michelle because I am pretty sure it doesn't have to. Finally they just waved us on and we all kept going with our hearts beating a little faster. The speed limits were the most confusing thing I have ever seen. One minute it was 60 km/hr and then a mile later it was 120 km/hr and not much farther it was suddenly 80 km/hr. I don't think a single driver was even paying attention to them anyways. We decided a trip driving into Mexico is not something we would ever do if we weren't with people who knew where to go and what to do.

We finally checked into our nice hotel which was called the Panda Inn. I laughed as we drove down the street because I was pointing out that there was a Domino's and a KFC and look! they even have a Panda Express...oh wait. That's our hotel. Totally the exact same panda logo. That night we went to get Raspado's which are kind of like a jamba juice but so much better. so delicious. Oh and everything in Mexico was so cheap!! We had a huge breakfast at our hotel restaurant and for both of our meals and drinks it was $7. We also got a pack of 12 Nestle water bottles for the drive home for $1.50.

Saturday the wedding reception was from 3-9pm (a true Mexican party). There was lunch and unlimited drinks served to everyone. Don't know how many Pina Colada's we had. They were so amazing. The place where the reception was held was beautiful and even had security guards out front. The decor was beautiful! There was a mariachi band in the beginning, and then a band who did all different types of music. It was pretty cool to hear them do some American songs and not even hear their accent when they sang them. Dancing went on for probably 5 hours. We stayed for the first few hours then left to put my feet up and when we came back, everyone was still dancing the night away. Paty and Victor are both really good dancers and I have no idea how they managed to dance that long without their feet falling off.

Not a good picture of me but Paty looks beautiful and this is the only one we have with them!

After the 6 hour reception, there was an after party at Paty's parents house for family and close friends with the most delicious tacos and gorditas. There was another band and people were swimming in their pool. That went until about 3 am I think. We left at about 1 and went back to our hotel to sleep!

Sunday morning we left to head back home and decided to just to the drive all at once. I did great until we were about 2 hours away from home and it was then that I felt like I would die if I had to spend another second in the car, let alone 2 more hours. We did have to stop more often for me to walk around and go to the bathroom so it took us a good 13 hours to get home. The funniest was when we were about 3 hours from home we stopped for gas and a bathroom break and 30 minutes later the baby would not stop kicking/punching my bladder! I suddenly had to pee so bad and we had to stop again. Funny baby. I think he was just still practicing his dance moves from the night before.

We finally made it home and were so glad to be back in the US and in Utah. Utah sure is beautiful.

Proud to be an American

Wednesday, February 22nd 2012 Cisco became a US Citizen!! There were lots of reasons he decided to become a citizen and it ended up being such a great day. We weren't expecting a lot with his ceremony and it ended up being super patriotic and we all were crying. My parents came with us (his parents were sick) and me, my mom, and my dad were all teary eyed through the whole thing. The funniest part was the two weeks before his ceremony happened he got the dreaded letter in the mail... jury duty. Ha so funny. The trial ended up getting cancelled so he was off the hook, for a whole 2 months when he got another letter in the mail summoning him yet again. This trial also got cancelled. Hopefully he doesn't keep getting called until he has to sit through a trial.

Waiting to go in

The judge and other official people conducting the session. (The kids are from some Junior High that got to attend)

Alex Boye (he is in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir) was in the same ceremony and the judge asked him if he wanted to sing the National Anthem. very cool.

Getting his official US Citizen certificate. 

Handsome citizen

Some fun facts about that day:
  • February 22nd is George Washington's birthday
  • There were 187 new citizens in that ceremony that day
  • the new citizens were from 58 different countries
  • The oldest person becoming a citizen was an 82 year old from Chile
  • The youngest person becoming a citizen was and 18 year old from Vietnam
We celebrated by going to Moochies of course. Because a philly cheesesteak is a perfect American meal. 
Here is a really fun video of Alex Boye singing the national anthem. I was so cool to see how emotional it was for him and brought tears to the eyes of almost everyone in the room. He said he has sung the national anthem over 100 times but was excited to sing it for the first time as a US Citizen.