I'm Pregnant

Haha its been a few months. Prepare for several posts in a row (hopefully) as I try to catch up. Here a few fun pictures from the pregnancy so far, starting with how we announced it to our parents. 

How we announced it to my parents: 

(Grandchild #5)

How we announced it to Cisco's parents: 

(Future Fan) with the logo of Cisco's and his dads favorite soccer team, Universidad de Chile

Coming September 2012

18 weeks

19 weeks. I popped out that week.

At 20 weeks we found out we were having a boy! It was so fun to see him squirming around and hear all his organs were healthy and developing normally. In the beginning I thought we were having a girl. A few weeks before I started thinking maybe it was a boy. We didn't care one way or the other which one we had first. We just didn't have any girl names that we liked to we were relieved that we don't have to cross that bridge yet! 

Arms and fists. I think he likes to box my stomach with these.
Little alien face. eyes and brain are the dark spots. 

cute little feet

Soccer player legs

27 weeks. 
Yeah... I have only taken 3 pregnancy pictures. oops.
I am now 30 weeks!

  • I started feeling a few flutters as our little boy moved around 18 weeks. 
  • I felt sick until about 19 weeks.
  • Week 21 I started feeling real kicks.
  • Soon after that, Cisco felt the first kick.
  • Now he kicks ALL. THE. TIME. It is the weirdest and coolest thing feeling something move inside of you. 
  • Week 28 the stretch marks came. Noooo!!! 

Cisco and I joke that our little boy is practicing his bicycle kicks because we can watch my stomach move like he is doing the wave.

Besides the horrible nausea that lasted forever in the beginning, this pregnancy hasn't been so bad. 

Fun stuff: 
It is starting to get hard to roll over at night and I never want to pick things up I drop so I usually just leave them there. 
If I stand on my feet too long and it is hot outside, they swell a little bit. Super attractive.
I have read well over 100 books since I found out I was pregnant.
I didn't have cravings really, but sometimes I would eat something and it would suddenly be the yummiest thing i had ever eaten. Examples: watermelon airheads, Taco Bell Cheesy Gordita Crunch (I never used to eat at Taco Bell), and Corn Dogs. The one craving I did have around 20 weeks was seafood. I saw it on the food network and suddenly NEEDED shrimp, crab and lobster. Luckily Utah has an abundant source of fresh seafood... yeah we ended up at Red Lobster and although it was not fresh at all, it still filled my craving. 

It is a little intimidating thinking that we only have 10 weeks left when I consider that we only have a carseat and stroller (the most important thing right?) and a rocking chair. Not to mention a few clothes. No crib or diapers or other baby stuff. I haven't read any books on what to do when we bring the baby home but we will figure all that out sooner or later.

Oh and being in my 3rd trimester during the hottest 3 months of the year is so fun. Lets just say that I dread leaving my nice air conditioned apartment.