Believe RSL

I actually forgot I had a blog for a few weeks. Oops. I guess it is because I hardly ever get on the computer now and don't read other peoples blogs as often as I used to. I realized that I never wrote about Thanksgiving or Christmas...and now it is the middle of February. So I don't think I will catch up and write about them. It seems so long ago that I have forgotten the details anyways. They were great. That is the summary you will get.
In other news: I have been working a lot and reading a LOT. Cisco has been working his butt off in School and I am so impressed with him. Mac has not been getting out as much as he should and I fear he is getting lazy. Poor dog. I don't have much to blog about though.
Next week will be fun though. Cisco decided to apply for US Citizenship at the end of last year and studied a lot to take the test. It is sad to know that he knows more about our government than the majority of our country but I definitely was no help while he was studying. I didn't know the answers to a lot. He took the test in January and Passed with flying colors. Next week on February 22 he will go to the Capitol Theater and be sworn in as a citizen of the United States of America. Kind of crazy and cool. We have plans to do an amazing American Party to officially welcome him to the US but I haven't done very well at planning it (I missed out on that whole good at throwing parties trait).
Cisco is finishing up his Bachelors degree at UVU and prerequisites for Physical Therapy Schools. This summer he will have to prepare to take the GRE and start picking schools to apply to. And I am at a complete loss. Can someone please tell me how you go about picking schools to apply to? It is so overwhelming and there are are so many! I need to start making some major charts and documents comparing schools.

Hopefully I will come up with something good to blog about soon.

So I will leave you with this fabulous video. Our friend and one of the Hooligans crew wrote this song and got together with some friends to make this video. Cisco was part of the small group that went and recorded the song in Branden's studio and then later a huge crew went up to the Rio Tinto Stadium to film the video. Cisco unfortunately had a night class and didn't get to go but the video turned out to be a really awesome commercial for RSL. I watch it a few times a day. I just love it. So enjoy. I love Real Salt Lake!
It is even more fun seeing so many of our friends in the video. Wish we could have been there!

So until our lives get interesting, that is it for now! Hope you all are having a great 2012.