Working on a Tan

It is getting cold!!! I am not the only one around here who is not happy. I don't go tanning anymore. And I haven't since high school. But someone else in our house likes to work on their tan. And it isn't Cisco. Remember how Mac hates cold rainy weather as I mentioned in this post

In the summer he is such a punk. He runs to the door and jumps up and down as if he has never had to pee so bad in his entire life. The second I open the door, this is what happens...

"oh... suddenly I don't have to pee after all. I think I will just lay here for a while."

One day he also got sick of his appearance and decided he needed a change in his look. He chose to go with coloring his fur purple. A little extreme if you ask me. 
He managed this look by chewing the end off of a purple liquid ink pen and getting it all over his paw. He was very careful not to get a drop on his mouth though. Not sure how he managed that one. He wasn't quite as careful with the carpet but we managed to get all the ink out thankfully. 

He is so obsessed with his appearance.