If you are confused about the title of this post... so am I. Cisco read the post and I asked him what I should call it. This is what he said. So it is sticking. If you don't know what a Chupacabra is, it is like the Mexican BigFoot/Boogie Monster that sucks the blood of goats. Apparently that sums up our family. 

A little about the Aravena's

Our favorite TV Shows:
We LOVE the Food Network. Specifically Iron Chef, Chopped, and Diner's Drive-ins and Dive's.
Modern Family is the greatest show ever created.
Bones is a favorite. 
How I Met Your Mother is also pretty funny. 

We like to eat out:
Cisco's favorite: Moochies (which i am sure I have mentioned before)
My favorite: Any Thai curry. Seriously... this is a food that I will overeat to no end. 
I love curry and crave curry.
Spicy Thai? yes. Bangkok Grill? yes. 
 Too bad it is the one food that Cisco will eat but doesn't care for. Go figure. 

We have a cute dog. 
Mac has such a funny personality. And a lot of it. He is one ball of energy. 
He chases his tail. He wags his tail when he is having a good dream. He loves to sleep whenever Cisco is sleeping. Sometimes he needs to blow off energy and runs laps around our tiny apartment as fast as he possibly can. He HATES water. If he gets near a storm drain, a stream or a bath, he spreads all 4 legs as far as he can and puts his belly on the ground. Silly dog. 

I hate to cook. 
I said it. I want to be the cute wife who has dinner ready when Cisco comes home from a long day at work but that is a rarity. Although I am happy to report that this week I have had dinner ready 3 days in a row. Impressive! There are a few things I have mastered but I really don't like cooking. Things just go wrong. 
Don't even get me started on baking. 
You need a good short term memory for baking and I have none. Too many times I have forgotten how many eggs or cups of flour have been added, or what temperature to set the oven to seconds after I read it off the recipe card. 

Sometimes we like to take on more than we should. 
Prime Example: I became a wedding planner for Camille's wedding while starting a new job. A special thanks goes out to Cisco for not seeing me for a few weeks. I was a busy girl but the wedding turned out pretty great so It was worth it all. But I am glad it is over! 
Cisco likes to work 40 hours a week while going to school full time, playing on two soccer teams, and volunteering at a physical therapy office. I don't know how he does it. 

We also like to make big plans. 
I think we have 5 trips planned we are "saving for". Although I am not sure any actual saving is going on. 
We had a lot of fun camping last weekend (the day after the wedding we needed a vacation so we packed everything up and went to a nearby campground for one night. A lot of work but it was a nice break after a hectic week). 

So now you know us. 
oh, and we don't take pictures. I think I would take more pictures if I had a good camera. Good excuse for a new one right??

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The McKinleys said...

thanks for the fun update michelley!! i miss you! you sound like one busy girl :) if you ever have some spare time, can we please get together??