Working Family

Did I mention that I got a job? Probably not since I don't ever update this blog but I did! It has been almost 4 months of enjoying the unemployed life... well I enjoyed the first 2 months a lot, and then I started getting really stir-crazy. But never fear, I read a LOT of books to keep me busy as well as various projects. 
I got a job with Intermountain Healthcare in the Physical Therapy group. I am an on-call secretary for 7 different physical therapy facilities, from Spanish Fork to Saratoga Springs. On Monday I went to orientation all day and started training on Thursday (although I have to do training in all 7 offices which should be fun trying to learn all the different ways the offices are run).
I am exhausted after my first day of training and have no idea how I will ever get the hang of everything I have to memorize. I was thinking I would still have a lot of free time, but that may not be the case. Some weeks I may never get called in, but other weeks they may want me to do 8-5 four days a week.
I had stopped looking for jobs and this was the last one i randomly applied for. Then they called me in for a group interview (that was kind of weird) and I got the job. I am exhausted and the week hasn't even started. Lots going on this week but more to come on that later.

Cisco is still working full time and as hard as ever and works with some pretty fun people.
We are one busy working family.

Is it a bad sign that I have only worked two days and I am already missing my unemployed life? (which had been anything but lazy and relaxing the past two months so adding a job into my list of a million things to do sounded like a good idea). Luckily the people I have been training with have been super nice and awesome.
I really do love Intermountain Healthcare and am excited to work there. Hopefully I will catch on quick so it isn't so intimidating. 

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