Parade of Homes

I love going to the Parade of Homes. Some houses made me laugh out loud and I honestly wondered what people were thinking. Other houses made me wish I had a place to decorate....and money to do it. But I am in the mood to post some of my favorite and least favorite things so here you are. I may or may not have taken 264 pictures. A lot of them were with my phone so the quality is amazing 

some of my favorites...
I loved these towels

Cute chairs in the office. Loved the floral arrangements in this house done by my favorite Urban Cheateau Floral.

Cute chair and pillows. 

Loved that the tile looked like bead board. 

These wood floors were amazing. They looked so natural and straight out of a beach house.

How cute is this entry way?

I loved everything about this kitchen. Of course it was a Hatfield Home. They tend to be amazing. 

Love this dining area. Table and chairs are my favorite. 

Fun way to do colors with all mismatched pillows. Easy to change up with the seasons. 

This was a really cute bedroom.

I didn't like this one house but I was in love with the random table stashed in a corner. 

Cute Homework area. 

Cutest nursery ever. 

What can I say? I am obsessed with white kitchen cabinets. 

Love all the random knickknacks on this cool shelf. 

Seriously loved these floors!

Wallpaper as the accent wall.

My favorite wallpaper in the bathroom. 

I love this door. I just do. 

Outdoor furniture in front of a fireplace. I could spend many nights here.

cork board wall. kind of cute.

not my favorite...

I hated most of the kids rooms in the parade of homes. Just so over the top. 

Hahahaha this was on the floor in a random studio and it made me so happy. (i hope no one knows who this is haha.)

This is a shower curtain. There is no light in the shower. Shaving would be super fun!
I always wanted blackout curtains in my shower. 

That random photo studio I was talking about. 

DIY that just doesn't do it for me. 

Ball of trash decoratively hanging above the toilet.
On the bright side, I was laughing so hard when I saw this that I had to pee.
So I guess it served it's purpose.

Jackalope. Watching you in the guest room as you sleep. 

There you have it. I seriously took way too many pictures. 

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