I made it through finals! It felt like this day would never come but 121 credits and 5 years later, i am officially a college grad. It feels good to be done. I am thoroughly enjoying unemployment right now and have adventures to blog about since graduation. I decided to walk in Commencement and Convocation because (hopefully) I will only graduate once (I say hopefully because I currently have no desire to do a masters program but who knows). Commencement was good although I walked by myself and was bored out of my mind sitting in between two strangers. I wish i had figured out which of my friends were walking since there was no rhyme or reason to who you had to stand by and all of that fun stuff. Here are some pictures of the event.
There were a lot of graduates. 

Me and my supportive hubby!! Thanks Cisco for helping me get through all my breakdowns and wanting to give up at least once a semester. 

My cousins wife Taryn. There were a lot of us cousins graduating.

All the graduates (April and August)

We had a graduation party and i made some little decorations for our brownie bites. I even included a U for Nicole who is getting her Master's from University of Utah. We all celebrated in harmony.

My freshman roommate! We started this journey out together and finished together too. It was fun to run into her.

All of the grads in the family. I think Nicole was the only one who knew this picture was being taken.

The mother who helped support all these amazing grads!

Cisco's dad even came to support me. I had a great support system throughout college.

Friday morning i walked and got my diploma (these are all pictures from Friday since Thursday was cold and windy). I got a nice surprise as i walked onto the stage. My dad was sitting on the stage and got to get up and give me a hug as I walked to get my diploma. That was a fun surprise. He asked the dean of my college if he could pretend he was part of the Life Sciences faculty. Afterwords we celebrated by going to Red Lobster (pretty sure I haven't been there in 5 or 6 years...) but it was where Casey and I decided we could go so we all enjoyed LobsterFest. Fun day and I am glad to be done. Now i just have to figure out with my life. No biggie.

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absolutelysomething said...

Michelle Im so happy for you, it is such a great accomplishment! I hope you enjoy your downtime now that suddenly you have nothing to do :) isn't it weird??
I know you'll find your perfect job and whatever you decide to do (get your masters, etc) will be the best decision. For some reason graduation pictures are like wedding pictures to me, they make me cry! (I know it's silly) so thanks for making me cry j/k.
love you guys and congratulations!!