3x the fun

The end of April was a very fun month. I graduated, celebrated Easter and my Birthday, and flew out to Maryland with my dad to see the triplets. It was a good 2 weeks. Since we celebrated my birthday on Easter, my parents hid my birthday money in Easter eggs around the house and made me look for them. I had been asking my dad when he was going to start hiding eggs again since he has kids living at home now. I guess I got my wish although it wasn't quite what I had in mind... me looking by myself while my whole family watched and laughed as I passed right by the eggs. It was a fun day. On my actual birthday, Cisco had 2 finals to take so I went shopping in Salt Lake with Nicole and Erin and came home with some great finds. So here's to turning 23!!

On the Wednesday after my birthday I woke up around 4:45 am so I could shower, eat breakfast and get to the airport. Our flight was at 7:40 am. For those of you who know me, this should make you laugh quite hard. I can barely manage getting up at 9 am... let alone getting up, driving to Salt Lake and landing in Denver for a layover before my usual alarm ever went off. I slept for a few hours on the plane. 

The week in Maryland with KC and Emily and the triplets was a blast and I am missing them already. I have put off posting the pictures of the trip because I miss them so much! I better start saving so I can make more regular trips out there. Alex, Bennett and Ruby are the most adorable little munchkins i have ever seen. I promise I am not biased at all. They really are the cutest things. They have so much personality. Three 20 month old's (although technically 18 month old's since they were born 2 months early) are a handful. I don't know how Emily does it. She is a supermom if there ever was one. If she can do it with three, I can certainly do it with one.

Ruby is the explorer. That girl is tough and is not afraid of anything. She will climb on anything. My favorite moment was when all 4 adults were sitting in the living room and all of a sudden Emily yells "Woah, somebody get that baby!!" Ruby was sitting on the dining table munching away on some pita chips. As soon as KC went to get her off she took two handfuls of those chips and shoved them in her cheeks. 

Bennett has the funniest laugh and it is so infectious! He is also so easily entertained and just seems to enjoy life. 

Alex is the goofball. The first night we got there he was showing off and just laughing by falling on the floor, getting back up, and falling on the floor again... repeated for a good 5 minutes. 

They are all so good at counting. They can almost count to 15! They are smart babies. They also know the whole alphabet. I love asking them what a letter is, or what sound an animal makes (what does a bunny say gets the cutest response with them scrunching their little noses). Ok. Obviously I love these babies and I miss them. I will just let the pictures show how cute they are. 

There are about a million pictures in this post. really. I just uploaded my album. They are all sorts of out of order but i don't really care. I also didn't want to go through the work of posting it as a slide-show. But they are cute. So i don't feel bad that you have to scroll through them all.

I know Ruby, I felt the same way about leaving. Sorry for the 100 pictures... I was too lazy to just make them into a slide-show. 

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Emily said...

It was 3x the fun cause you were here! Thank you so much for coming. The babies always love a fun aunt to show off too. Maybe we should bring them on the cruise after all. Ha! Just kidding!

Love all the pictures!