The Trading Post

My friend Jessie created this site and it is so cool (Why is everyone so talented but me)
I should not have discovered it though.
I want to buy everything that these people post from their etsy shops. 
This could be problematic. 
Maybe not as long as no one tells Cisco.
I wish i was crafty and could make stuff to trade. 

Example: Today there is a giveaway for an Owl Rattle that is beyond adorable. 
I don't have kids yet but i will in the future and i REALLY want this. The Owl Beanies made by this same girl are beyond adorable too.

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The McKinleys said...

woohooo!! thanks for the shout out!! :)

i'm glad you like it!

p.s. can we please get together sometime within the next year?? haha it has been FOREVER!