I've been putting this off.

It's been a really long time since i blogged. I just never want to sit down and write what's been going on in our lives. Sorry for the absence. Remember in the last post how i said i wanted to send out Christmas cards? Yeah... that never happened. So if you didn't get one it isn't because i didn't think of you. I can't believe it is already March in 2011. I will be done with school in 2 months.Tomorrow morning i have to go get my cap and gown and i am completely weird-ed-out/ecstatic about that.  2010 was a great year for us and 2011 will be even better!
I was looking through my old posts and stumbled upon my goals for 2010. I think i accomplished one of them. Maybe one and a half. So sad. But we did do a lot of great things in 2010.
  • We went to Chile!! (can you believe that was just May of last year? because i can't).
  • I finished all my internship hours at Promise North for Women and Families. A drug rehab clinic. So interesting. I also went down to the St. George Senior Olympics and got to help out doing health screenings for these senior athletes.
  • Cisco did an internship in Cardiac Rehab at the hospital and loved it. 
  • We got good grades.
  • No major health emergencies! for the first year since we have been married. surprisingly all the other years have been Cisco... And we all thought i was the one with the health problems. (2008: kidney stone. 2009: kidney stone removed. 2009: Cisco rolled the 4-wheeler). good times. 
  • I just lied. just now. Cisco did get Shingles. Although that wasn't really a medical emergency, it was random.
  • We loved having Real Salt Lake season tickets on the 3rd row.  Lots
  • We loved watching the World Cup this year.  
  • We went to the Shakespearean festival and saw 39 Steps and LOVED it. So much fun. We also drove down Vegas and went to a very expensive and very lame buffet. 
  • We adopted Mac. 
  • We played lots of Just Dance and sweat a lot. 
  • Got addicted to the show Bones. love it. 
  • We went to Colorado for Thanksgiving and got to see Grandpa (driving in a whiteout blizzard). 
  • and lots of other things. I'm sure i will think of a million things to add as soon as i post this.
2010 was a good year. Here are some things i am looking forward to in 2011.
  • I will Graduate in April
  • We are supposed to go on a Caribbean cruise (fingers and toes crossed) with my family when we all graduate. Nicole (with her masters), Casey and I will all be graduating so a cruise just seemed like a logical thing this year.
  • In May i am going with my dad to see the triplets!!!! I can. not. even. tell. you. how much i miss them. Do you realize it will have been a year since the last time i saw them? Last time i saw them in person they were still sitting in bumbo's. They were still swaddles for naps. My oh my how things have changed. Now they are all walking and talking. 
  • did i mention that i am excited to graduate? i am.
  • The down side to graduating is i will have to find a new job. I have been at LDSP for 3 1/2 years and am not really sure what i am going to do when i graduate. 
  • Mac will become perfectly trained and obedient :). He will turn 1 year old in August. 
  • Me and Cisco are going to lose weight and get in shape. We gotta look good for the cruise so that we can gain it all back with the food for a week. sounds like a good plan to me.
  • We are also going to eat healthy. We actually do OK at this but i need to eat less sugar. I crave sweets. 
  • Lots of other cool things will happen in 2011 but i have no idea what they will be. This has been a long post so i think i will leave you with a picture and make the next post an all-picture post. 
Mac's coat for when it is snowing, raining, windy, or whatever other excuse we can make up to put him in it. Hilarious when the little hood is covering his head. You know he loves it.

 Mac chewing on his bone in his favorite spot...under the armchair in our bedroom. He is currently sleeping under there as i type this post. such a funny dog.


Lindsey Orton said...

ah!! You're picking up your cap and gown tomorrow!!! a;lsdkfja;ldkjfa;lsdfkjal;dskj!

Emily said...

So wait?! It's a done deal? You're really coming?!! We're so excited! We're also so happy that you are gong to graduate. You definitely deserve a cruise. The sunshine and ocean sounds heavenly right now. Mac is adorable, as always. The vest is hilarious.