our camera lately

 We are really bad at taking pictures. Here is pretty much all the pictures we have taken since Christmas break (besides of Mac who we have PLENTY of pictures of). Notice how none of them are of me and Cisco. The few that are Lindsey took on her camera. So here you go. Enjoy.

I did this puzzle almost entirely by myself. It was big. and hard.
 New Years Eve. Cisco and Sterling playing each other on the iPhone. not sure what the random glowing dot by Cisco is.
 We had some good snow storms this year. Lots of shoveling for Cisco.

One time we were out shoveling and we left Mac in the bathroom. This is what i came back to. The entire toilet paper roll. destroyed. 

 Last month we went to see the Ice Castles in Midway with our friends Lindsey and Steven. So crazy how they made these. I was not smart and was wearing my TOMs. My toes were frozen walking through all that snow.


 Kind of scary looking up at all the icicles coming down at you. They make you sign a waiver when you get there. I thought it was weird until we got inside and i saw that these could seriously kill someone. really cool though!
That's it with the pictures for now. I am betting it will be another few months before i get around to blogging again so hopefully i will take more pictures. doubt it.

By the way... We need to enroll Mac in obedience classes. Any good experiences with trainers anyone can recommend? He is adorable and we love him but he jumps on people and is hyper to no end when new people come over. so funny.

Also if anyone would like to tell me what i should do when i graduate i would love the suggestions. If you could give me a job that would be even better.


Lindsey Orton said...

every time I look at the picture with the toilet paper all ripped up want to cuddle little mac. :)

Kate and Peter Lowe said...

remember our puzzle party? hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

loved seeing you the other night (ok so it was like two weeks ago almost....) I hope we can all work something out to get together!