We finished another semester!! I think this precious-punky-puppy helped in his cute moments. Dead asleep sitting up in my arms. so cute.

Sometimes he sleeps in funny positions

Bath time!

 I never posted pictures on here after his haircut. He is a completely different color and no longer looks like a homeless dog. So cute.

 He got caught stealing Cisco's shoes. 

Still his favorite toy.  

When we finally did finish finals we celebrated by decorating our apartment for Christmas (the week of Christmas). This reindeer made a nice decoration under our tree. It is from Sterling Orton specifically for Cisco because "girl's don't drink soda do they?" haha he is our favorite.

The Christmas corner. All borrowed from my moms leftover Christmas decorations, except the ornaments. 

Now we just have to finish (or start...) Christmas shopping. I hate that Christmas doesn't start until finals are over when you are in school. I have Christmas cards to send out and lots to do. Hope you are all having a Merry Christmas season!! 

Speaking of Christmas cards, if you want one give me your address!! or email it to me aravena.michelle@gmail.com. No guarantees i will get them out any time soon but somehow i will try to get them out!