Puppy Love

I need someone to tell me what to do because I am seriously struggling making this decision on my own. Cisco and I REALLLLLY want to adopt a dog. There are lots of reasons but the main reason why we want a dog now instead of later is that i want a little therapy dog to curl up to me when i am not feeling so great. Cisco has 2 big labs who i have blogged about before and they have the cutest personality. Dogs just know when you are in pain and know when you are having a hard day. They are so cute and bring such fun happiness into the home. I would want a very small dog since we live in an apartment and i really am looking for a cuddly lap dog that i can pick up. We are pretty sold on the idea. Concerns? some people say you shouldn't have small dogs with young children and while we don't have any kids yet, we will in the next few years. Dogs are also quite pricey little guys. So tell me what to do. or vote on what i should do. if you have small dogs and kids, even better! what do you think? thanks.
Oh and here are some of the dogs we were looking into adopting. they are all so cute!

This little guy is Toronto:
 haha Chico


absolutelysomething said...

between gregster and toronto...michelle, DONT think about it, JUST do it! you will not regret it. think of little bowie of love...he has done great with kids and you know he has a grumpy side haha.

Anonymous said...


Brandon and Katie said...

we have a little toy poodle- she's the best dog in the world and REALLY good with Steele. What have you heard about small dogs and kids i'm curious? I've never heard that- I've always heard dogs and kids are great together. dogs are the best (at least ours is:))

The McKinleys said...

ohhhh they are all so dang cute!! danny REALLY wants a dog...and so does max haha...but i'm still trying to adjust to the idea of having TWO kids so it will still be awhile before we have a little puppy.

but you should totally get one!! you'll be a great little mommy :)

Lindsey Orton said...

oh my goodness! they're all so cute! How are you going to choose? But look how cute mighty's little puppy eyes are!

L i z a said...

Toronto has my vote! He is so cute, I love his white beard.
I think every dog has their own personality, I don't believe in labeling dogs small=mean, big=destructive female=territorial male=dirty. All depends on how you teach them. I know you can modify behavior (we have done it with our dog). There are not good or bad dogs, only trained and untrained ones.
For us Kala has been a great addition to our childless marriage. She is so much fun. We got her right after we got married. She was a great companion and "support" when I just came to the US. I didn't have lonely days with her by my side.

lizpletsch said...

I vote Chico. Super cute!! You should get one!

Julie said...

Forget a dog, get a cat!!! And I still have not forgotten Cisco's poor kitten story... :(