I need a new post... because i don't like looking at my post about a new blog. I have some sad news to report, there will be no pictures to come in the near future. why? because the battery to my camera is missing. My camera is not missing, it is sitting in my purse ready to be used. I am not sure how i went about losing a battery but not the camera. I don't think someone stole it and left the battery unless they were a very stupid thief. That means it has to be somewhere around here but i have turned my house upside-down looking for it. I didn't notice until i tried taking pictures while i was down at the Senior World Games in St. George. Not sure what to do now! But my camera is missing a very important part. I don't have anything else to blog about so that's it for now. Enjoy this fall season! I have been raking leaves outside and have just found several leaves in my hair so i will take that as a sign to go clean up and shower.

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absolutelysomething said...

Sorry about ur missing battery trust me I feel your pain... We went for a couple of months without taking pics too.
I know you'll find it soon!!!