Meet Mac

 Meet Mac. The newest member of the Aravena family. We adopted him Friday night from Wasatch Animal Rescue in Salt Lake. Remember Mighty from the last post? This is him (well, technically his brother). We went to meet those dogs on our blog Friday night and didn't think we would bring one home since we were planning on going to Colorado for Thanksgiving. But once you meet a cute pup, it is hard to leave them behind. Mighty had a brother who we called Mighty #2 and after getting to know all of the dogs personalities, Mighty #2 came home with us and became Mac. He is so cute!We had talked about naming him Mac because it was a cute name and then it became a funny joke between me and Cisco because Cisco is begging me for a Mac laptop. All the time, "if i pass this test, will you get me a mac??" or "hey look what i brought you home, the Mac price list! I'll just tape it above your pillow so you know where to find it." Now i can finally say i got him a Mac.
A little about our new buddy:
He is 12 weeks old
 He loves to play with his toys
 He plays fetch, even with this toy that is way too long for him.
 He HATES going outside in the cold but LOVES playing in the snow. I don't get it either. We have to put him in sweaters because he shivers when he goes outside. When he plays in the snow, he prances through it like a deer. I think it was only because it was fresh snow. Now he avoids walking in the snow as much as possible. He walks along the cement ledge to our stairwell so he doesn't have to touch the snow. It is pretty funny but we need to put a stop to that because he has come close to loosing his footing on that little ledge.
 He met his "uncles" Ashton and Token and was able to hold his own without getting clobbered. He likes chilling next to token. He sort of blends in with the flowers on this couch though doesn't he?

He is so sweet.
He doesn't bark, he doesn't whine during the night and stays in his crate all night happily.
He knows that Cisco means play time and Michelle means cuddle time.
He is our little shadow and follows us everywhere we go in the house.
He doesn't like his leash or going on walks when it is cold outside.
If you do take him for a walk, he tries to get in between your legs because he is cold. You end up trying not to trip over him the whole time.
He snores a little when he is falling asleep.
Potty training is improving around here with only a few accidents now and again.
He can finally go down stairs on his own and get on and off of the couch (most of the time).
The funniest thing is he is seriously afraid of his reflection in the stove door and the windows. Not mirrors for some reason. We have to hand towels covering our stove door because he sits and growls at it for hours if he can see his reflection.
He is so cute and our little buddy!
He is precious and sleeping next to me as i type.

**P.S. not sure how he is going to respond to the crazy blizzard that is supposed to be coming tonight. I'm thinking he won't be too happy going to the bathroom outside in this storm.


Puppy Love

I need someone to tell me what to do because I am seriously struggling making this decision on my own. Cisco and I REALLLLLY want to adopt a dog. There are lots of reasons but the main reason why we want a dog now instead of later is that i want a little therapy dog to curl up to me when i am not feeling so great. Cisco has 2 big labs who i have blogged about before and they have the cutest personality. Dogs just know when you are in pain and know when you are having a hard day. They are so cute and bring such fun happiness into the home. I would want a very small dog since we live in an apartment and i really am looking for a cuddly lap dog that i can pick up. We are pretty sold on the idea. Concerns? some people say you shouldn't have small dogs with young children and while we don't have any kids yet, we will in the next few years. Dogs are also quite pricey little guys. So tell me what to do. or vote on what i should do. if you have small dogs and kids, even better! what do you think? thanks.
Oh and here are some of the dogs we were looking into adopting. they are all so cute!

This little guy is Toronto:
 haha Chico



I need a new post... because i don't like looking at my post about a new blog. I have some sad news to report, there will be no pictures to come in the near future. why? because the battery to my camera is missing. My camera is not missing, it is sitting in my purse ready to be used. I am not sure how i went about losing a battery but not the camera. I don't think someone stole it and left the battery unless they were a very stupid thief. That means it has to be somewhere around here but i have turned my house upside-down looking for it. I didn't notice until i tried taking pictures while i was down at the Senior World Games in St. George. Not sure what to do now! But my camera is missing a very important part. I don't have anything else to blog about so that's it for now. Enjoy this fall season! I have been raking leaves outside and have just found several leaves in my hair so i will take that as a sign to go clean up and shower.