oh good, you found my brain. I had misplaced it.

It seems my brain likes to take vacations now and again. For example, a few weeks ago i was purchasing textbooks for the semester (how is it midterms already?!) and after the BYU Bookstore not having several of my text books, i ordered several on Amazon. A week later I went back to the bookstore looking to see if any of the books i hadn't found had come in and realized i needed to buy the books for my religion class so i special ordered them since the bookstore was still out of them. That same day i get home and there is a package for me from Amazon. It is those same religion books. Oh wonderful. I completely forgot that i had already ordered them. So i go back to the bookstore, cancel the special order and get a refund, and buy another text book i needed for an assignment. I had already ordered this book on another website but it was taking way too long so i thought i would cancel it and just get the one that BYU just got in. Same story. Next day i get a package and the long lost book i had ordered 3 weeks earlier arrives in the mail. I now get to pay shipping and $6.50 restocking fee to send that book back. I wish i could say these were isolated instances but i think i do this every year. I was going through old textbooks and found an old humanities book that i had just bought again this summer for that dreaded online class. I have done this with chemistry books too. The worst is when i buy books, drop the class but don't return the book because i plan on taking the class the next semester. Then i don't. So now i have a shelf of books i have never used and no one will buy back and i don't know what to do. Lame. I have mentioned before how cheap i am and how much i hate spending money but apparently i have this secret love for wasting money on textbooks. 

In other news, next week i get to skip school (because missing class once a week isn't enough)  to go to St. George for the Huntsman Senior Olympics!! Yay. I get internship credit for helping run some of the booths at the health fair. I will be using an ultrasound machine on peoples carotid arteries to analyze their plaque build-up. should be fun. So i get to drive down with 2 people i have never met, stay in some kind random strangers house, and spend 3 days with a lot of older athletes. I am excited. Looking forward to a lot of this next week:

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lizpletsch said...

Haha! That is really awesome! I have so many of those days too!