new blog

So i made a new blog. It is a personal blog about struggles i go through and how i deal with them. i have never really been open about my health issues but i am trying to change that because you can't really know me without knowing about my daily struggles with pain. Feel free to read if you like. This one will still be the normal blog about the adventures of me and Cisco. Hope everyone is having a great conference weekend! I sure am. Some of my favorites of the day, Elder Scott, Elder Anderson, and President Uchtdorf. 

My new blog: on my side of the fence.


oh good, you found my brain. I had misplaced it.

It seems my brain likes to take vacations now and again. For example, a few weeks ago i was purchasing textbooks for the semester (how is it midterms already?!) and after the BYU Bookstore not having several of my text books, i ordered several on Amazon. A week later I went back to the bookstore looking to see if any of the books i hadn't found had come in and realized i needed to buy the books for my religion class so i special ordered them since the bookstore was still out of them. That same day i get home and there is a package for me from Amazon. It is those same religion books. Oh wonderful. I completely forgot that i had already ordered them. So i go back to the bookstore, cancel the special order and get a refund, and buy another text book i needed for an assignment. I had already ordered this book on another website but it was taking way too long so i thought i would cancel it and just get the one that BYU just got in. Same story. Next day i get a package and the long lost book i had ordered 3 weeks earlier arrives in the mail. I now get to pay shipping and $6.50 restocking fee to send that book back. I wish i could say these were isolated instances but i think i do this every year. I was going through old textbooks and found an old humanities book that i had just bought again this summer for that dreaded online class. I have done this with chemistry books too. The worst is when i buy books, drop the class but don't return the book because i plan on taking the class the next semester. Then i don't. So now i have a shelf of books i have never used and no one will buy back and i don't know what to do. Lame. I have mentioned before how cheap i am and how much i hate spending money but apparently i have this secret love for wasting money on textbooks. 

In other news, next week i get to skip school (because missing class once a week isn't enough)  to go to St. George for the Huntsman Senior Olympics!! Yay. I get internship credit for helping run some of the booths at the health fair. I will be using an ultrasound machine on peoples carotid arteries to analyze their plaque build-up. should be fun. So i get to drive down with 2 people i have never met, stay in some kind random strangers house, and spend 3 days with a lot of older athletes. I am excited. Looking forward to a lot of this next week: