Picture Overload

Wow. Where to begin. I am too tired to write about all the amazingly fun things we did this summer... only we didn't do that many amazing fun things this summer. It was filled with school, work, and an internship for me. Such a busy summer. So we basically had a 2 week summer after those awful weeks and did our best to fit as many fun things in as we could! We had some fun things spread throughout these summer months but here are some pictures of our adventures. We went down to cedar city, saw the hoover dam, went to a buffet in Vegas, and saw a play at the Shakespeare festival! Now we are back in school and the break DEFINITELY wasn't long enough. So no stories, just loads and loads of pictures. Basic overview:
sealing of our friend Lester at the Salt Lake temple, Me and Camille (way back from our Park City trip), Driving to Vegas (umm... who is driving?!? thanks Cisco haha), the hoover dam (apparently parts are closed after 9/11. who knew?), the buffet in Vegas at Aria (loved the waterfall on the entire front of the building (also the limo that broke down and was on wheels being pushed), and finally back on a drive through Kolob Canyon. YAY! We then came home and did some back yard camping which is always a bonus! So my style of camping. Cisco got the huge air mattress and I got the foam pads. hmmm not sure why my cute husband thought we would be too crowded on that huge air mattress but he insisted it would be uncomfortable. He just wanted the huge thing to himself. Funny boy. I didn't mind but i had a tiny bed next to his. And that was it for the summer.

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