Chipmunk Cheeks

Sorry friends it has been a while. I have a list of things i should have blogged about but alas, i bit off more than i can chew. I feel like a chipmunk with my cheeks bulging only i don't have chipmunk skills to know what to do with it. I don't know why I thought I could take on so much in one summer but I am paying the price now. I am doing a class on campus, working, doing an internship, and an independent study class. My classes have to be finished by the 12th. of August. And i basically started my independent study class 2 weeks ago. I can't get an extension but that is a whole other issue that i don't want to get into. It is a humanities class so i have spent the past week reading my entire textbook and trying to memorize painters, musicians, philosophers, and remembering when different movements happened. I will share some things I have learned.
1. Artists painted a lot of naked people.
2. I love sculpture and seeing what they can do with marble. 
3. Pop culture borrows a lot more from history than i realized. Case in point: Lost. Lost borrowed names for their characters from history. 
John Locke- "father of liberalism"
Faraday- Chemist and Physicist
Rousseau- philosopher, writer, composer in 18th century 
Funny that after reading this entire textbook in 2 weeks and memorizing paintings, musical compositions, and everything else to do with arts, I will probably remember the Lost characters names. 
So until next time when i am done with this craziness, we are alive. things are happening in our lives. we haven't been too busy doing fun things to blog.

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