20's or 80's??

Me and Cisco are in our 20's... but sometimes I get confused and think we are in our 80's. Why? because we have health problems of 80 year olds. I had my knee's scoped when I was 12 because they "looked like the knee's of an 80 year old woman". ok... then I have Fibromyalgia which is also more common in older people. Then I get diagnosed with chronic bronchitis. That is what people get after smoking for 30 years. So that's my story. I walk up and down stairs like a little old lady and not a young, healthy 20 year old.

Cisco's story. 2 weeks after we got married Cisco got a Kidney stone. This is his 2nd or 3rd which is a lot for someone his age. His first was when he was 10 or 11! Then yesterday we went to the doctor after he has had pain in his leg and some hive-looking things and found out he has shingles. A reminder of what shingles is: Chicken pocks gone bad. Usually older people with weakened immune systems get shingles.  I know young people get these health problems too on occassion but i'm just sayin... It's too much of a coinsidence that both of us get the health problems we probably shouldn't be getting for another 20 or 30 years. I think there may be something in the water....

And just so you know, despite these fun little events we are all doing good and getting along just fine! The Shingles should be on their way to getting better, or so the doctor told us. He didn't get any medications for it because we didn't go to the doctor till a good 5 days after he got the bumps which means we just need to let it run it's course and hope it's faster rather than slower.

In other news Cisco and I started watching Lost on netflix from the very beginning. and yes, it is as addicting as most people say. Here is a cute snapshot of us enjoying our TV time together.

Only kidding... we really aren't that bad. Maybe in 30 years. 


Emily said...

You guys are such troopers. That IS a long for youngin's to have to go through. With you optimism and humor, you're an example to us all. Lost is a great distraction.

The McKinleys said...

hahaha that picture is hilarious :) i'm sorry you guys have been so unfortunate...but you are so positive! you go girl. ps. isn't lost awesome?? i love it.

Brittany Olsen said...

oh my goodness michelle I totally feel his pain because I just got over shingles a couple months ago. shingles=awful torture, and pain oh and did I mention itchy?? because pretty sure the few weeks I had mine I was like a horse you see rubbin up on fences trying to scratch : )

L i z a said...

that picture cracked me up!
Fibromyalgia and kidney stones?! That's not fun. Its seems you have the right attitude though.
I hope you both feel well soon and enjoy the rest of the summer.
I HATE medical issues, this is our first summer in Michigan and it seems that both Randy and I had developed allergies. (That's what everybody thinks) We had been feeling sick and tired all the time. I hate it!