Day of Birth

Finally done with the semester. I can't believe we go to Chile in 3 days!!! Life for the next 4 months is going to be crazy! The triplets just got to Utah and i can't wait to see those cute faces. Today is my birthday and then it's time to pack for Chile. Cisco will be doing finals right up till the morning we leave. Awesome! When we get back its time to get back to work plus an internship. Did i mention i got an internship this summer? I am super excited and SUPER nervous. Actually using what I've learned in school? huh? I didn't think I would have to remember this stuff! Not to mention teaching it to other people. So what is this scary new adventure? I am interning with Utah County Department of Substance Abuse. I will be working with recovering addicts and teaching them healthy lifestyles and eating as well as some exercise classes like yoga (yikes it's been a while since I've done that). Oh and I guess I should mention for those of you that don't know my major is Exercise and Wellness. I will be done with classes in December unless I decide to do a minor in Public Health (which I would really only do to keep our insurance and stuff). This will be a very busy summer for us. Cisco and I will be taking classes in the summer semester, and working. Cisco is still at APX alarm in the scheduling department and they love him there. It's not surprising that he gets offered promotions with almost EVERY job he takes. They want him to be a supervisor now but we don't think he is going to do that. Being a supervisor would mean working 40 hours a week in the summer and till 9 every night. Its a little more money but we both just want to focus on school. I'm just proud of him. That's it for the updates in our lives. A little overview of my birthday so far:
Yesterday (Saturday) I woke up and got to go get my hair done. Coulnd't ask for a better start to a Saturday. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my hairstylist Ashely? It feels so good leaving the salon and loving your hair. Then I came home and Cisco was busy doing something sneaky in the backyard. He didn't want me to hear what he was doing to he blasted some music in our house to the point where i couldn't even talk on the phone. That was when i decided to make it easy for him and I met Nicole at the Women's Expo. We went to see Erin and as crazy as it was, I found my swimsuit that I have been trying to buy for the past week! Happy Birthday to me.  This obviously isn't me in the swimsuit (i'm not about to flaunt how white I am to the blogging world) but I am so glad i found it in time to take on our trip! Its a Lime Ricki swim suit. love it.

I also got the cutest headband from the Veranda booth that Erin was working at. Another happy birthday to me! We ended the night by going to Happy Sumo (Me, Cisco, Casey, Nicole, and Erin) and enjoyed one of my favorite treats: sushi (obviously). I also was thrilled to find they had Mochi for dessert. I cannot tell you how much I have been craving Mochi for literally the past 4 years. Yes 4 years. I haven't been able to find anywhere that has it and I love it.
This morning I woke up to get ready for our 8:30 church (not so happy birthday to me) and Cisco again hid me in the bathroom while he did a few things. I came out to find happy birthday signs up and balloons hanging from the ceilings. So cute. He also bought me a kite!! I am so excited to go fly it. It isn't just any kite folks, it's a Dora the Explorer kite. I think it is a last effort at helping me learn Spanish before we leave on Wednesday. Then on our way to church I couldn't stop laughing when i found this on the lawn:

Hahahaha this is what Cisco was oh so sneakily working on in the backyard yesterday. I mentioned to him a week or 2 ago that birthdays aren't as fun when you grow up (hence the kite). I said people tend to forget my birthday because it is the end of the semester and finals everyone is leaving for the summer. I cannot tell you how hard I laughed seeing this. I still laugh everytime I walk outside. Such an awesome husband. Next we are off to Cisco's parents to celebrate with his parents and tomorrow night we are having dinner with all my family and the triplets. This is the best birthday ever.

Oh and we got some new toys last week that have made my birthday equally amazing:

An Iphone. Love it. Don't know how I ever lived without it. It more awesome than i ever thought it would be. YAY for birthdays. I have the most awesome husband and the most awesome families! I should dedicate a whole post to how much Cisco makes me laugh every single day. Hope your days are as fabulous as mine has been so far!!

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