don't try this at home

Some random memories. You know those things that people do to scare you like pretending they are going to rip your book or spray you with water? Any idea what I'm talking about? Well sometimes those things go wrong. Example 1:
Back when me and Cisco were dating, he decided it would be funny to pretend like he was going to crack an egg on my head. He was doing that trick where if you squeeze the egg in the palm of your hand it doesn't really break.

We were at my parents house making some omelets when he held the egg over my head and asked what would happen if he cracked it on my head. Obviously I said that he wouldn't dare do that because that would be annoying. Who wants egg in their hair? Well being who he is, Cisco decided to keep pretending he was about to break it as i kept saying "no! Somethings going to go wrong and it's really going to break!" He just kept saying it was a cool trick and that the egg wouldn't really break. He did it 3 or 4  times successfully scaring me when he squeezed the egg as hard as he could without it breaking. I bet you can all guess where this is going. He held the egg over my head one last time and i don't know what he did, but he FULLY CRACKED AN EGG ON MY HEAD. I had egg running down my face and down my clothes. It was dripping onto my parents bar stools and onto the carpet. I just sat there and stared at him as he burst into laughter confused at what had gone wrong this time. I sat there half laughing, and half annoyed that i now had egg all over me. This was pretty early on in our dating career. He is lucky i married him.

Moral of the story: If you are a guy dating a girl and you crack an egg on her head... you better marry her if she doesn't dump you.

Now every time Cisco likes to scare me by pretending to do one of those stupid things all i say is "remember what happened with the egg" and he usually backs off. At least he learned some sort of lesson. Even if the only lesson was how awesome i was.

While I'm thinking of this, here is another thing you shouldn't try at home. When you are trying to clean your floors (especially for cleaning checks back in the college days) DO NOT use half a bottle of soft scrub to clean the floors. It will take HOURS, yes hours, to get all the soap up. When you put it on the floor, it doesn't seem like it's going very far so you just keep adding more. Then as soon as the water comes to "wash it off" the suds start coming. Cisco was helping me with that cleaning check and we had to resort to spraying the floor with the sink sprayer and filling the garbage cans with water and dumping it on the floor to try and get all that soap off. The night ended with both of us soaking wet and covered in soap and exhausted from spending so long cleaning the kitchen floor. Not one of our more brilliant moments.

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Julie said...

Hehehe, I remember that night. I randomly came out and was wondering what the heck you two were doing!! We had our own slip n slide in our kitchen. Sweet! At least our floor was really really clean!

Oh, and don't put dish soap in the dishwasher. No good.