confessions of a nerd

Call me a nerd, or call me obsessed with reading, but the truth is, i am a bookaholic (i didn't make that up, someone else did). I found a website called bookaholics anonymous and i think i should start a provo chapter. I am addicted to reading good books. Here are a few signs of my addiction:
  •  Last summer i read over 20 books
  •  I average about 3 days per book
  •  When i am reading a good book, i would rather stay home and read than go out and be social.
  • I get caught up in reading and forget to do normal things like eat
  • I can stay up all night reading a book
  •  I have missed a class before because i was home reading
  •  I have to ban myself from reading during the semester so I don't fail classes
  • I have a "to-read" list with at least 10 books on it
  • I have a ridiculously hard time buying books at borders because there are way too many i want, i can't pick just one
  • Cisco has to beg people to stop recommending good books to me (I get really into reading and am oblivious to what's going on around me)
These are just to name a few. My latest good book was Uglies by Scott Westerfeld (bought it. read it. loved it.) If i love reading so much, why can't i read a school textbook for more than 20 minutes?! It doesn't make sense.  I want to start a list of all the books i have read to keep track. When I am out of school I can't wait to start a book group. The only problem with book groups is that they give you a month to read a book, a month? What am I going to do with all the time in between? I have a hard time picking up random books to read though, i love suggestions on reading. So if you have read any good books let me know (after all, the semester is almost over).


Emily said...

There is something so great about a good book, I'll agree. I am in a book group, and I think the month rule is set because when you have kids and jobs and things that can get in the way, it's hard to find a lot of time (I haven't picked up a book in AGES. And you can always read more books in that month, of course. But it's worth it to have the discussions. Espeically when th book is debatable. That's where the real fun of a book group emerges.

When it's my turn to choose a book, I'll have to ask you for a good suggestion.

Julie said...

Oh no. By your criteria, I am a bookaholic too. Crap. Oh well! We should compare good books because I have many!!!!! And the Provo library is a really good place to go if you don't want to buy every book you read!!!

Michelle and Cisco said...

yes, last summer i rediscovered the library. It was such a novel idea that i had forgotten about!! I was thinking, "i want to read all these books but i don't want to buy all of them". Felt pretty stupid when i remembered that libraries existed. I have at least 5 on hold there right now.

Lindsey said...

haha michelle I love you! You could probably read like 20 books in the time that it takes me to read 1!