Friday night Cisco and I got to babysit 4 very hyper, crazy dogs. It was Cisco's parents anniversary and since they were watching LuAnn and Brandon's two dogs, leaving them alone wasn't really an option. Cisco and I went over so they could go out to eat. We had Cisco's parents two large labs (Ashton and Token) and LuAnn and Brandon's two small, but very hyper dogs (Bentley and Bowie). Four dogs with four very different personalities. It was quite a funny night. We watched Gabriel Iglesias (our favorite comedian) and enjoyed a night home with these crazy guys.
First, Token. He by far has my favorite personality. He is always laying down and doesn't care what is going on around him, but if he gets hyper when he see's you, he doesn't run at you. He Prances at you.
My favorite is when i sit on the love seat next to Cisco. There will be a foot of space and token will slowly get up and weasel his way in. I don't think he realizes how big he is. He usually ends up kicking one of us off the couch.
My all time favorite is his love for watching TV. I am not exaggerating when i say that if you change the channel, he will turn around and look at you like he is saying "hey, I was watching that." Last night we turned the TV on for him in Cisco's parents room and we went to watch our movie in the basement. About half an hour later Token comes down to the basement and sits on the couch next to us. The funniest thing was we realized that he came down when the TV upstairs turned off.

Poor Ashton is balding. So sad. He is the protector of the family. I rarely see him sleep. He is always pacing and perking his ears up listening to every noise in the house.

Bowie. My favorite. He is the spoiled little baby of the bunch. I want a duplicate of him for my own dog.
And the newest addition (and the largest) is Bentley. Way too hyper. One large puppy. He still thinks he is a lap dog and likes to try and sit on your lap.

All 4 hanging out in the kitchen.

I think every kid who wants a dog should have to babysit 4 dogs at once before they really know if they want a dog. It certainly made me realize one is enough. And small, manageable Bowie would be my first choice of a pet. That was quite the Friday night.

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absolutelysomething said...

hahahaha love it! thanks for watching them by the way