A BIG Step

So I have posted before about how cheap I am. I have a hard time spending money. Last night me and Cisco took the leap and purchased plane tickets to Chile!! I am so excited. Not going to lie though, it was one of the scariest things i have ever done. I'm not sure why but spending that much money at once really got my heart rate going and i really got nervous. Cisco kept asking me, "are you scared?" and I always responded with "yup", but we finally went through with the purchase. We have been saving for this since we got married and have been trying to plan this trip to Chile for the past year but I have always chickened out and not been willing to take the plunge. I have never traveled internationally (not even to Canada or Mexico) which means that I will be needing a passport for the first time. After finals in April we are taking off to Chile for 2 weeks. That's in 2 1/2 months! And I don't even know Spanish yet. I am so excited though. Me and Cisco have never been on a plane together. We will get plenty of that this time since the flight is about 14 hours. I can't wait to go and although it was the most amount of money i have ever spent in one fail swoop, it was worth it.

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L i z a said...

How exciting!
I'm so jealous, we are still feeding the piggy bank and it never seems to grow bigger!! Hopefully we'll make it to Chile at the end of the year.