Welcome Home

Welcome home! We are finally settled into our apartment. We spent Christmas break painting the kitchen, and then the bedroom (on new years eve). Painting is always fun to transform a room but it was a little much when the paint we originally bought was WAY too blue. It looked like a baby room blue which is not what we were going for. Here are some updates of our new apartment. It feels like it took us FOREVER to get moved in, because it really did. We still have some random things hanging out in the garage but we'll get to it. Eventually.

The first blue

cute blue, for a kids room. Anyone need some blue paint? we've got about half a gallon left.

our kitchen

other half of our kitchen... with our couch.


small but cute bathroom.

love the purple accent wall

we couldn't fit a couch in the bedroom so we put a little wicker couch that used to be in my old bedroom. it works. we don't sit on it too much though.

our entertainment center. its been so fun transporting this so many times. but at least it looks good. the one thing i don't love, having to sit on our bed to watch TV. some people might love that but it's not supposed to be good for people with sleeping problems, which is me, so we will see how it goes.

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The McKinleys said...

i love the purple wall too! your apt is so cute! i LOVE that the fridge is right next to your couch :)

we need to come visit soon!!!