These are a few of my favorite things

Puzzles. I love doing puzzles. This one was 2000 pieces with almost 1000 of them blue sky, needless to say we gave up after we finished the building.

Watching Cisco and my dad setting up the train around the Christmas tree.

Cisco has been asking to put up the train for the past few years.

We painted our bedroom. I LOVE my purple wall. With light blue walls on the rest.

My husband. He makes me laugh every day.

And he makes me yummy food.

My first time seeing Cisco hold a baby, and change a babies diaper. (He is holding Alex i think)

Ruby sleeping on me. So cute. I love it. She is so precious!

Other things i love:
- Reading (I'm obsessed. Its bad. I start a book and the longest it takes me to finish it is about 3 days. I read almost 30 books this summer and my "to read" list is growing since I can't allow myself to read while in school)
- the triplets. I love my new nephews and sweet niece. They get cuter every time I see them.
- Lindsey Orton Photography I love her pictures (not just the ones of me). She is just talented.
- Ashley. My hair stylist. She works at Metropolitan Salon. I love when she cuts my hair... and it is a rare thing for me to really like a haircut
- Being finally moved into our apartment. There is still some random junk that we don't know what to do with but other than that we are done unpacking

Happy new year! Goals for 2010
Learn Spanish
Read lots more books
Keep our apartment cleaner
Monthly temple attendance
Figure out my health
Eat healthy
Work out (at all would be better than none)
Get good grades
Cook more for me and Cisco
Cisco transferring to BYU
Mentally preparing to start a family


Julie said...

I like the last one! I like the last one! HEHEHHEHEHEHE. I squealed. Ask Ryan, he was here. And you are graduating this year? Awesome! We really need to catch up. The end.

Lindsey said...

awwwwww michelley that was so nice!!! I'm excited for the last one too!!!!!