Winter Wonderland

These posts are all random and out of order but that's OK. I'm just glad I don't have school work I'm supposed to be doing instead of blogging. Here are some fun winter wonderland pictures from our Park City trips this week. We got to go back up after finals and it was very fun and relaxing. Nicole and Casey came up and we watched Home Alone 1, played some Quiddler, and hit up the hot tubs. What a good night. Casey and Nicole were less fortunate the next morning to find their car towed (I could go off about how shady car towing is, really...how is it legal for them to take your car to a different location, leaving you stranded, and make you pay hundreds of dollars to get it back. I think it should be banned. Give a ticket, maybe even boot the car if the ticket isn't paid but don't steal the car!). Enough of that tangent, lets get to some pictures.

Remember how we drove up to Park City in a snow storm last weekend? This was what we woke up to on Sunday morning (last sunday). It had snowed almost 2 feet during the night!

At least it was pretty...from inside.

We started out the morning by sitting in front of the fire because it was so cold but I wanted to trap the heat in. yes, we made a fort. We love doing things we used to do as kids. It was very warm and toasty in there.

Then we went for a walk to get some lunch. Our feet were soaked through after 2 minutes. Glad we didn't need to sit down anywhere.

On our way home on Sunday afternoon. We decided to take Parleys Canyon and go to I-15 instead of Provo Canyon. Good call.

There was several inches of slush on the roads. So glad we were in the jeep.

We made it back safe, finished our finals and drove back up on Thursday night. This is our fun drive home through Provo Canyon on Saturday morning. It was like we were driving through the clouds. We couldn't see anything and the lake we were driving around was completely hidden. It was kinda fun though. All the trees looked like they were spray-painted white they were so perfectly white. Love this winter wonderland look, hate the cold.

On the right is the lake... it's really in there i promise.

The trees just looked so cool!
Thats it for our latest adventures. We got home and decided to decorate my parents basement for Christmas. We put up their old tree and covered it with whatever lights we could find. We will be moving into the apartment this week (not looking forward to haluing the big stuff from the garage to the apartment) but that will be good to feel like we have a place thats our own again. Oh and just a quick update on Cisco's ankle, it is helaing nicely. It is still quite a bit larger than his left ankle and hurts a little in the cold but he successfully played a game of soccer last week and came out without and injury so that was very happy. He misses soccer a lot. We are excited for Christmas and cant believe how soon it is. Guess we need to get some shopping done.

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