Some Reflecting During Finals

Just a thought, it is now almost one in the morning and I am sitting here studying for finals. These are the finals I have this week:
- Stress Management
- Chronic Disease Prevention
- Exercise Physiology
- Humanities 201

So finals has made me much more stressed, that's a given. I am currently studying for stress management and have used zero stress management techniques. This has lead to feeling sick and exhausted, hm. I have also been studying for chronic disease prevention but i am almost positive that studying for this has flared up the many chronic diseases I already have. Exercise physiology, well lets just say that I never exercised before this class and despite my best intentions to change, this class has done nothing for me in that area. I still have no idea what my body is doing as I exercise (but who cares if I don't do it?). Humanities was great. Loved the class but I don't know that I'll ever bring up Dante or Odysseus in conversation.

As I am sitting here thinking about all of this it made me realize, even if i get good grades in this class I still feel like I failed the subject. Doesn't that seem backwards? Shouldn't it be that the grade doesn't matter as long as you learn and apply what you learn in life? Does anyone else feel like this? Just thinking that my college classes are kind of counterproductive. Maybe it's just the classes i happen to be taking (like how stress management was my MOST stressful class this year).

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