To put it simply, we have had a rough few weeks. We have basically been living at my parents house in my old bedroom because the environment in our old apartment was so bad (from the lovely landlord). It was only after we had this huge fiasco that everyone in our ward told us that this was typical of her and apparently no one was surprised with what we were going through. So after a long and stressful few weeks, we moved out today. We packed last night and our wonderful elders quorum showed up today and had us moved out in an hour! We are really going to miss that ward. It was our first family ward and we LOVED those people. There were so many fun personalities and characters in that ward that we really loved going to church with them. And just like the last 3 times we have switched wards, we finally made friends the week we were moving out.

After this craziness we seriously needed a break and my parents happened to be able to provide an escape. They had an extra week at their time share that was about to expire and let us take the week in Park City. WOW, what a relief. We have been here a few hours and i already have forgotten how stressed out we have been with this situation emotionally, physically, and financially (we are talkin lawyers and everything involved). Although it was quite the adventure getting up here in the blizzard, it was definitely worth the trip. We ate dinner and soaked in the environment, i took a hot bath in the gigantic jacuzzi tub, got some studying done in this super quiet environment, and am taking a break to blog. I wish we could stay up here the whole week but we will have to do some commuting since it is finals week. Its not really like we can miss those. Believe me, if it was just missing class or work i would have no problem being snowed in up here, finals however are another story. So here are some pictures of our little adventure so far:

This is Cisco driving and being very focused on the road. Why did he have to be so focussed?

maybe it had to do with the fact that we were driving in a blizzard.

This is on our way to Heber driving around the lake. We saw 7 (yes 7) cars that had slid off the road and crashed and were on tow trucks. There were several more cars who had stopped to help others only to find themselves stuck. These weren't all small cars either, they were trucks, and jeeps, and all sorts of cars that should have been just fine. Some of them had some serious damage. It was snowing so bad that the roads were covered in a good inch of slush and cars were spinning out trying to get up the ever-so-slight hill to park city. They all had their hazard lights on and were stopped in the middle of the freeway. It was bad. Luckily we decided to take the jeep and used 4-wheel drive the whole way up. It took us forever to find our way here because you couldn't see any of the road signs (they were all covered in snow) and our google directions werent the best. After who knows how long in the car averaging about 15 miles an hour we finally made it to our destination and this is what welcomed us...

A beautiful master bedroom with a huge tub (which is wide enough for several people or one VERY large person)

The living room. High ceilings, nice TV, huge windows and a very warm fireplace which i am currently in front of roasting my cold toes.

Exhausted and content.

Our little kitchen. all we brought was cereal and some snacks. We will bring more when we come back at the end of the week.

One very happy couple.

All I can say is I am grateful for how much our families have helped us out and grateful that we can finally have a chance to relax. Ward members are also amazing. It's a shame that we moved .8 miles away and are out of the ward boundaries (that's Utah for you though). All our stuff is sitting out in a very cold garage and is very lonely on a slightly wet tarp. It will remain there until the current renters move into their new apartment and then we get to move all that stuff down the stairs. Can't wait. Life is rough sometimes but it makes these moments oh so sweet.

p.s. the cherry on top of this very nice week is that i get to meet the triplets on Monday!!! They are coming for Christmas and I don't think any of us could as for a better present. (exclamation marks can't show how excited i really am). Fly safe Emily!

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Julie said...

What?! We need to chat and catch up. I feel like I am missing so much! Also, taking triplets on an airplane? they are brave!!!!