How is that possible?

Finals are next week?
The semester is over?
Its December??
Christmas is in 22 days?

I feel like none of these things are possible. Or at least I was not aware they were happening so quickly. I am still trying to catch up for the semester and I only have a week to do it... yeah didn't see that one coming. I keep telling myself I am going to make it to my 10:00 class BOTH days a week at least once during the semester, oops i guess i ran out of time on that one too. I also told myself we would get Christmas shopping done early this year. The outlook is grim for that goal as well. Christmas is in 22 days and we don't even have Christmas decorations up (or an apartment to put them in). We are moving next weekend and I feel like somehow life is zooming past and I am completely unaware. I really feel like I am just getting the hang of the semester and ready to do good. oh wait, it's over now. Can someone please pause time while i get all my homework done and pack and do everything i need to do? That would be great thanks.

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