Barely Made it Through Alive

Ok so I have posted a lot about how me and Cisco just seemed to struggle this semester. One night at the end of the semester we just laughed and started thinking of ways we could get out of doing our final projects and final tests. This is what we came up with:

I have this cough that keeps coming and going (turns out it was chronic bronchitis...random) anyways i kept taking my temperature and at one point was almost hoping I got the swine flu. Or at least that I could get my teachers to believe I might possibly have it so they wouldn't want me to come to class.

Now no need to worry. We never actually got to the point of wanting to slit our wrists but we did have the brilliant idea of making it look like he did and sending the picture to a teacher with a note that said "Francisco needs to be excused from school work the rest of the semester, he is going through some rough times." What do you think? Is the red pen on the ace bandage believable? A little?

Probably not but it sure gave us a good laugh and got us to keep going. Good news: we made it through finals and this semester. I'd like to say we passed with flying colors but that most likely isn't the case. Maybe if we get less than satisfactory grades we can still use these pictures and say "but i did my best, i was sick." Maybe? Ok maybe not. Its lovely the things we do to distract ourselves and waste time when we should be studying.

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