Barbershop Fun

So a while ago (i have lost all sense of time so im not sure how long ago this was, a few weeks, a few months?) Casey, the wonderful and magnificent barber, came to cut Cisco's hair. It had gotten really long and was time for a trim... or a buzz. We decided to do a full-blown mo-hawk for fun knowing we would buzz the rest off later. It was fun for the few hours it lasted though. I was amazed at how much hair we cut off. It looked like a cat had shed all its fur on our laundry room floor. It was comforting to know we will have no problems with kids not having hair or Cisco going bald...ever. He'll probably have a full head of hair till the day he dies and I love it! I'm hoping our kids get a nice mixture of our hair. Mine is too fine and his is too thick. Our kids should be just right. I could write a whole blog post about how much I love Cisco's hair. It provides so much enjoyment! I like to pick through his hair to find super thick hairs and I have found some crazy ones (including red, blond, white, and black). Yes i said he has red hairs that head or hair. I'm calling it now, our kids will be born red-heads. I can just see it happening. No one will believe they are ours but we'll see what happens when we get to that stage in life.
Anyways,I forgot to get before and after pics so we only have the process here. Later that night I buzzed the rest of Cisco's head since we had church the next morning.

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