Never again has come too soon

You may remember a past post titled "Never Again" because i was so sick of dealing with the stress of moving. We moved into our current apartment on August 15th... and we are ready to move. Lots of reasons but we want to find something for a better price. Only problem is, that place doesn't exist! At least that's how it seems. I have found several great apartments but they are all in Alpine, Pleasant Grove, Spanish Fork, Mapleton, etc. If i am late to class when I live 7 min from campus i don't think a commute would be a good idea for me. I can't wait to graduate and move away from BYU housing :). By the way I am thinking graduation will come (***hopefully***) in December 2010. Not sure about Cisco. We are both ready to be done.
So as much as I hate moving, I hate apartment hunting even more and yet here we are again! So if you know of anything let us know. Oh wouldn't it be lovely if housing was cheap and nice? And included utilities and internet? Oh the dream.

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The McKinleys said...

oh michelley! you guys are following in our footsteps!! and i don't recommend that...haha at least the whole moving part!

we will keep our eyes open! love you girl.