Halloween....a little delayed

Since we still don't have internet, my blog posts that include pictures are very spread apart. It takes to long to put these in order so here are our Halloween pictures. I must say i had a blast this Halloween. Cisco and Casey went to the Real Salt Lake game while I attempted to do homework (yeah right). I met Cisco at Thanksgiving Point and we went up to Luann and Brandon's to have dinner and carve pumpkins. We brought along the costumes Casey and Nicole had used before just in case we decided to dress up for anything. Dinner was amazing. Brandon made steaks for us all and tortellini pasta. We then got to carve pumpkins and it was Cisco's first ever pumpkin carving experience. His pumpkin was way pretty amazing for a first timer. We decided we all wanted to try on our Halloween costumes and ended up just having a funny photo shoot. We didn't go anywhere or do anything with our costumes, but at least we can say we dressed up! It was a fun night. Best Halloween i've had since i quit trick or treating I think.

Luann=witch, Bowie=bumblebee, Bentley=preppy dog, Brandon=Hillbilly

love that wig, and Cisco makes an impressive gangster.

Our pumpkins, Brandons, Luanns, mine, and Cisco's

One of my favorite pictures!

Like i said, Cisco's first pumpkin is pretty impressive right?

This is what Cisco went to work as. It is KC's costume from when he was maybe 10? 12? who knows but it was pretty funny. We arent even sure what the mask is supposed to be. People said he looked like the boy on Jumanji when he turns into a monkey.

I love the tail.

Flapper and gangster

Excited Cisco with his pumpkin

Look at that innocent face. so cute.

Bentley, the newest addition to the Roy family (LuAnn and Brandon's cute dog)
Well thats it for our very out of order pictures. The funniest part of the night was when Cisco and I got home there was a deer right by our front door (to our house) that scared us. We put out pumpkins up on a ledge and went to bed. The next morning on our way to church we were noticing that Cisco's pumpkin looked a little different. after some examination we noticed it was because the eye patch was missing. We also noticed a set of teeth mark that were wider than any raccoon or cat and realized the deer had come back and decided Cisco's expert pirate pumpkin looked like a tasty treat. Maybe he didn't like it because he didn't come back for more. I am so sad i never got a picture of it because it was really funny.

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