91 days

That is the number of days we have lived in our apartment...and the verdict is.....we are moving. After a whole 3 1/2 months here we are done and ready to move. I wont go into details but our landlord is not the easiest person to live with, maybe even borderline crazy. Due to that, not having internet there, and some medical bills that our amazing insurance will NOT be covering, we have found ourselves moving into my parents basement apartment. We never thought we would come to this but we did the unthinkable and are kicking the current renters out (I feel so bad and Cisco does too since that is what happened to us a few months back). We will be moving out whenever the renters find a new place to live, but to be honest i wish we could move out this weekend. We are just done with our current living situation. We are definitely looking on the bright side though. Although moving into my parents basement apartment wasn't our ideal option, here are the things that will keep us happy:

-We will have a DISHWASHER!! that's enough reason.
-Internet (Its been sooo long)
-Cable (i actually havent missed TV very much. I am more of a movie person)
-A bathtub! hallelua i cant wait for warm baths when its snowing outside
-we will be able to control the temperature of our apartment.
-If I ever need to go grocery shopping, I just have to go upstairs! ha im kidding about this one, but im sure the time will come when i run up there to borrow some items.
-We will be getting a GREAT reduction in our monthly rent.
-We will only be moving .8 miles away from our current apartment

We already feel like we practically live there since we have to go over there every day to use the internet for school. We will see how it goes. Lets hope we aren't moving in the middle of a snowstorm or anything. We are also hoping we will be able to cram our stuff into that apartment (since it is about 1/3 the size of our past 2 places).
Bring on the boxes. I've got my packing tape in hand and I am ready to go. 1 1/2 years of marriage and we are already moving to our 4th apartment. We will be moving pro's.

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Kate and Peter Lowe said...

ha ha you crack me up! I have to say it'll kind of be nice to have you at your parents, I'll always know where to find you.... not that I didn't know before -I guess it just seems like old days, maybe I'll be adventurous and we can walk and meet each other in the middle sometime haha! If you need help moving boxes and this baby still isn't here, I'll GLADLY volunteer :)