Our Life Lately: Pictures Galore

These are completely out of order and very random but i just had to get all these pictures on. We have so many stories but they will have to get skipped. We like our apartment, school is a kiler this semester for both of us, and we are super busy all the time. We still don't have TV or internet in our apartment and I have discovered that i don't miss the TV but life in the 21st century is very difficult without internet. We are completely out of the loop when it comes to news and weather and movies coming out. We are still debating how to solve this problem. In the meantime here are some pictures from our lives lately.

This was Cisco's infection which is finally better after two prescriptions of some heavy duty antibiotics. His foot looks a lot better (although his skin is a little messed up). His skin is all wrinkly because it was swollen for so long and now all that skin is pealing
As of Thursday the crutches and scooter are gone and Cisco is supposed to walk around on his foot (with the boot he has). I don't have a picture of the scooter but it was a bitter sweet experience returning that thing. Cisco loved getting around classes so fast and weaving in and out of people.

Camille came into town last weekend and we had so much fun making stuff for the new babies. Camille, Nicole, and I went to breakfast on Friday and then spent until almost 5 making onsies and baby socks. We wanted to put all of the babies initials on the bottom of the socks but we had to get creative on how to paint the stencil. This was Camille's brilliant engineering. (this is Ruby's cute little sock. The other sock has a D for her middle name Dawn.)

Bouquet of tiny baby socks. So cute. I wish i could see the feet that will go inside of them!

We also made personalized onsies with iron-on letters. We put their names on the front and their middle names on the bums. The onsies were so small.

We also made these for all the babies to establish oldest to youngest. Oldest says "Doctors first pick." Since it was a C-section the oldest was established by the doctor reaching in and grabbing whoever he found first! For the middle child we put, "Big brother, Little brother." And for Ruby who will be the baby sister we put "saved the best for last." We had a lot of fun deciding what to put on these and had some good laughs. Some of our other idea's were "first place" "runner up", "Middle child syndrom", etc. We had some pretty funny ideas.

These were generic onsies that we made for the babies. Click on the picture to see them up close. They say, "voted cutest of the litter 2009", "They're with me", and one of my favorites "I survived a C-section and all I got was this onsie."

A few weeks ago we went to the storytelling festival. It was Laughing Night. Some stories were better than others but we all had some really good laughs. It was a fun night out. Me and Cisco went with my parents and Nicole and Casey.

We have also been going to the BYU football games. It has been quite the interesting experience since Cisco has been on crutches and a scooter. For the last game we asked them to sit in the wheelchair section which was fun because we had good seats. We bought tickets next to our friends for the season and haven't been able to sit by them for any of the games so far so that has been a bummer.

It was pretty funny when Cisco's foot was propped up on the llittle ledge in front of us and his foot slipped off. He came within an inch of hitting the ladies head sitting in front of us. That would have been really bad, and really funny.

Friday night we went up to Salt Lake to hang out with Cisco's mission buddies. We met up at the mission reunion but found the few people we wanted to see and went out to get food at Denny's. It was quite the night and my jaw hurt from laughing so hard. This is Jack Hattori and Jake Goeckeritz sharing a coke. We stayed at Denny's for over an hour just laughing and telling mission stories. It was me, Cisco, Jack Hattori, Jake Goeckeritz, Jess Phillips and his wife Stephanie, and Chase Harding and his wife Jessica (and their cute little girl).

We got to go to the Saturday afternoon session of conference and it was really fun. We met Cisco's old mission companion Mauricio Jaime and his wife Janelle up there and had a great time hanging out with them. Our seats were great and we were pretty close to where the prophet walks out. I did much better than last conference and didn't sleep through a single talk. I am pretty impressed with myself.

Me, Cisco, Mauricio, Janelle. It was a little windy so my bangs are sticking straight up.
This is one of the only pictures we have taken together in the past several months. I just wanted to put these pictures up of Cisco's dogs because they make me smile. This is Token. He loves to have anything in his mouth and will grab whatever is closest. I took these pictures when we were celebrating Cisco's dads birthday on Thursday.

Ashton is just hyper and requires constant attention.


Jenn said...

Note to self: if I ever have multiple babies, you are incharge of cute little clothes. Just so you know.. :o)

Julie said...

Cuteness! Look at you being all crafty! I am very impressed.

Emily said...

We LOVE the little onsies and socks. I can't wait for the babies to wear them. And they can't wait to meet their cools aunties. If you think those are small, you should see what they're wearing now!

Good luck with getting the internet. I don't know how you've done it. When we didn't have it for a few weeks, I finally just went to a coffee shop with free wifi to catch up on everything I'd been missing.

The McKinleys said...

it's about time we got an update!! i am so glad that i got to see you the other day {twice!} and have decided that i need to see more of you!

we should totally start up a book club--i recently read a new book, "stargirl" by jerry spinelli and i recommend it. kinda seems weird, but it has a great message. :)

lets play soon...you need to come meet little max anyways!