Halloween is THIS weekend and Cisco and I still have no idea what to be. We have no where to go and nothing to do so we don't really have a reason to dress up... but I want to dress up! We had so many ace bandages from Cisco's ankle fiasco that i thought maybe one of us could be a mummy. Lets just say it didn't work so well. This is how it all started...

A few weeks ago I was sitting in front of Cisco on the floor doing homework while he was massaging my neck. He said he had an idea and decided to wrap my neck in an ace bandage. It looked lovely. I just sat doing my homework as he had his fun making me look stupid.

After that I wanted to test my idea of Cisco being a mummy for Halloween. I tried wrapping it up but like i said, it didn't work so well. All of the bandages are different colors so it looked awful and we didn't have enough to cover him. Cisco was trying to instruct me how to wrap him best but neither of us knew what we were doing and it just ended up being really funny. Tears were streaming down my face I was laughing so hard. This is how we spend our "studying" time. So funny.
Days till Halloween and we still don't know what we are dressing up as. We have only had a few real ideas. Halloween is just not fun when you don't get to go trick or treating. We'll see what happens.

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