"Engament" pictures: Round 2

So Saturday morning Cisco and I had fun helping Lindsey out and letting her take "engagement" photos of us. We had fun and the pictures turned out cute. Lindsey is our best friend so it was fun hanging out with her and laughing. She is so talented and I plan on using her as my photographer for life. She is especially amazing with all of her pictures of nature. I like to call them her national geographic photos. One day they will end up on the cover of some magazine or something and I can say, "I know her!!". Lindsey is also our favorite because she set me and Cisco up on our first blind date. You know those signs that people have in their house that say "all because two people fell in love"? Well we wanted to make one with this picture beneath it.

"All because of Lindsey Orton"

haha. It would definately need to be a very large picture hanging as soon as you walk in our door. What a fun friend she is. And amazingly talented with a camera (as you can see from her normal blog).


Julie said...

Aw! Those are cute pictures!! Tell Lindsey that Ryan and I are willing to have our pictures taken if she needs us. Haha.

absolutelysomething said...

WOW.....she is hired!!!! i wanna be best friends with lindsey!, brandon says he'll pay no matter how much!!!!!