All dressed up

Last week was BYU's homecoming and I have been wanting a reason to dress up fancy for a really long time. We decided to go to the homecoming dance and even got Casey and Nicole to join us. It was fun dressing up but all I can say is that although we enjoyed ourselves that night, it was NOT from the dance. There were 3 dances to choose from: casual, semiformal, and formal. We chose to go to the formal one just so we could dress up. It sounded fun too with its "live band" and carriage rides (which also sounded very cheesy). Luckily we went with not too high of expectations and not really taking ourselves seriously. We pulled some skirts out of the closet from high school dance days and were ready to go. We were all laughing really hard when we got there because people had gone ALL out for this (and they were all freshman). When i say all out, i mean full blown prom dresses, corsages, and hairdue's were all involved. The live band was a full jazz band so there was only jazz dancing and waltzing which none of know how to do. Half the people there also seemed to be on the balroom team so of course they were whirling and twirling all around the dance floor making us look even funnier. We attempted to dance to 2 songs and laughed in the process. The rest of the night we were very sneaky taking pictures of the people in all their glory. Here are some of our favorite's of the evening: (you really have to click on the pictures to see the dresses at their best)
(sorry if you know any of these people...but it was really funny)

Cisco and Casey eating dinner at Noodles & Company (yes we went there all dressed up. We got quite the looks)

Nicole and me

Nicole looks like she is really enjoying herself. Notice the full-blown prom gown behind her (which is what the picture is really of)

Again, they look like they are having a blast at this dance


One of our all time favorites. Long sleeves, to the floor, high neck, pearls around the neck and winding into the hair... I don't want to say it but it kind of looked like a polygamist dress.

My favorite picture. Nicole didn't even try to get Cisco and I fake dancing. If you will notice, this guy has a matching pink bowtie and vest under his tuxedo. Awesome dance moves as well.

This dress was the winner of the evening. Poofiest dress there and we LOVED the huge hair piece.

Nice hat, and renassaince-style dress.

Random armor.

Notice the corsage and fully curled and sprayed hair.

sprakly dress.

sparkly dress again. This one Nicole just went for and took as they walked away. Pretty funny.

After the dance we stopped at Casey's parents house and took the cheesiest fireplace pictures we could. I love that the christ picture is our background. All the pictures are on Casey's parents camera.

Cisco and I:tired and ready to sleep

lovely picture of Nicole
We really enjoyed ourselves but it wasn't the dance that provided the entertainment, it was the people. At least I can now say I have been to a BYU dance (I wasn't missing out on much). What a night.


Julie said...

Dearest Michelle:

You are too funny.

That one maroon and white HUGE skirt lady was so funny! She barely fit through the door. And her dress took up one bench in and of itself. Me and Ryan enjoyed our "people watching" as well.

I am sad though that we didn't see you again after we got food! We figured you guys got bored and left. Sad Story. Anywho, nice pics!

PS: I felt severely under-dressed at the dance. The whole 5 minutes of getting ready did not cut it. haha.

Jessica Zincke said...

Haha, this is hilarious! I think it's awesome that you sneakily took pics of other people...I can't believe they went all out like that,that's awesome.