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I am overdue for a follow up post on Cisco's ankle story. It is very hard to keep updated on the blog when you don't have the internet at your own house. I only get a chance to check my email and school stuff at work but I dont have time for stuff like blogging so i have gotten a little behind. It has been about 4 weeks since Cisco's lucky day and our fun trip to the ER. After our long summer day of camping and swimming, he got to go down to the Sand Dunes with some fellow Hooligans (their soccer team). His friend Brandon has some 4-wheelers so they went down to have some fun before the summer ended and school started again. This was going to be a weird night because I have never spent the night at any of our apartments alone and without TV or Internet I didn't know what I would do to keep myself from going crazy. Luckily I borrowed a new book to read and prepared myself for a night alone. Meanwhile...After 2 hours of riding and having a blast, Cisco and the others decided to head back to the campground because it was getting dark. Cisco thought he was on flat ground when he suddenly noticed there was a very steep hill in front of him. He tried to turn away from it but by the time he turned, his back wheels were already going down the hill... and they took him with. The 4-wheeler rolled with him on it. The others didn't see what happened but it didn't take them long to come when they saw the headlights of the 4-wheeler pointing straight up into the sky. Cisco thought he was fine and got up and walked a ways back the campsite where he decided he needed to lay down for a minute. He realized his chest was hurting really bad and thought that was the only thing wrong till someone pointed out that his ankle was the size of a softball. That was when they decided it was time to take him to the ER to get things checked out. This happened around 9 pm.
Around 10:30 i am sitting at home enjoying my book when I see a call coming from Casey (who was down at the sand dunes too). Casey tells me the weather was bad so they are on their way home... oh and that Cisco is hurt and they are taking him to the ER... but not to worry!! He only rolled a 4-wheeler but it was no big deal, he was fine. YEAH RIGHT. It is absolutely not possible not to worry when you find out your husband rolled a 4-wheeler and is on his way to the ER. It was very smart of Casey and Cisco to wait to call me till they were only about 15 minutes outside of Provo. Otherwise i would have been worrying for the entire 2 hour drive home.
My relaxing night home alone suddenly turns into a very panicking drive to the ER hoping and praying that Cisco isn't too badly damaged. I get to the ER and see his huge ankle and he is holding his chest. He had scratches on his face and he is covered in sand. He looks pretty beaten up and i am trying not to show how much i am freaking out. Despite how huge his ankle is (we thought for sure it was dislocated) Cisco says his chest hurts the worst and he was sure he had broken some ribs. We finally get into a room and the doctors check him out and order x-rays of the foot and CT scans of his chest to make sure he didn't do any damage to his spleen or liver. When all the results come back the ER doctor is absolutely shocked. She tells us she was positive the ankle was broken or dislocated but it was just a VERY SEVERE sprain. He had no broken ribs and no major internal damage. He had just hit his chest really hard and bruised the muscles. After we had covered everything in that hospital room with sand, we finally got to go home at 2 in the morning. We then had to drive to Walgreens to get his prescriptions for percocet and after that we had to make a stop at my parents house to pick up my old crutches (it was 3 am by this time). So our new home is NOT handicapped accessible. The driveway is extremely steep and then there are stairs up to a side walk then you walk on a stone path onto the uneven cement in front of our door. Cisco almost died a few times on this fun journey. His chest was still hurting the worst and crutches didn't help at all. We finally made it to bed at 4 am and by that time his entire foot looked huge. Here are the pictures from this exciting event in our lives.

The last pictures are a little out of date. His leg looks a lot better (the bruising is gone) but his foot is still swollen. On Memorial day we had to take yet another tip to the insta care to find out that Cisco now has an infection in his foot and is on major doses of antibiotics. The infection hurts worse than the sprain so that makes everything in life more fun. I still have lots of updates to post but this will have to do for now. I am at school and brought my computer just so i could finally post about cisco's ankle! Blog posts will have to be short and sweet from now on, otherwise i will never get a blog posted again. More to come!

PS I am absolutely ecstatic to be an aunt!!! Here is Emily and KC's latest adventure with their new triplets!!

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