To be continued...

I am currently at my parents house using the internet to blog and i have SO MUCH to catch up on, so here come a few posts at a time. Here is what has happened since the last time i blogged:
-We packed
-We moved
-We unpacked
-We went camping
-We went swimming
-Cisco went to the sand dunes
-Cisco rolled his 4-wheeler
-We spent Saturday night in the ER
-I finished unpacking
-Cisco started school
-Cisco's ankle continued to get darker by the day

Since I have so much to catch up on you will be getting the compact version of all these stories as well as some very long slide shows with lots of pictures. Enjoy!

Moving went really smoothly because we had so much help. It was exhausting all the same but we had my parents and Cisco's parents and Casey and Nicole to help us so it went really fast and we got a lot unpacked on the first day which was a relief. The next week Cisco took Friday and Saturday off so we could pack everything we didn't get to do this summer into one weekend. I had only been to the pool once and Cisco didn't hadn't been all summer. We also planned a camping trip to go up to Payson Lakes. Friday after work we were doing a million things trying to get ready going grocery shopping, getting our tents and sleeping bags, and packing the car. We packed up the jeep and it was packed to the roof. We weren't expecting such a long drive but it ended up taking us over an hour to get up the canyon to Payson Lakes. Nicole, Cisco, and I went on this camping adventure and laughed really hard when we got all the way up the mountain to find out the camping site was full! Luckily there were some campsites farther up the mountain that were meant for groups but they had one open and let us stay there. It was a huge campsite for the 3 of us. We had at least 10 stalls for our one car and got to choose from multiple places to put our tent down. There were also three tables around the fire pit. We had a lot of fun and it was Cisco's first experience with tinfoil dinners. They were a huge hit and Cisco is now requesting them from the oven.
Saturday when we got back was extremely busy. Right after we got home Cisco went straight to play two back-to-back games of soccer (talk about exhausting) and then we all headed to the pool. Casey and Cisco only got to stay for an hour because they were heading down to the sand dunes for some fun 4-wheeling (you already know what happens there). So here are the pictures from the first part of our adventures and the exciting stories are still to come...


Julie said...

Aww, it's your house! Michelle, your entertainment center is divine.

When can we play?

Jessica Zincke said...

Hey Michelle! I'm glad you guys found a new place, that sounded like an ANNOYING adventure. Anyways, just wanted to say hi! My blog is jessandstevezincke.blogspot.com if you're interested.