Never Again

This weekend was such a roller coaster!! I have been SO STRESSED OUT apartment hunting and trying to find a place to live. I was not built for going through this. I get way too stressed out. I think I had a nervous breakdown at least 4 times since we found out we had to move 2 weeks ago. I went and looked at several apartments and all of them were falling apart and way more than we wanted to pay for a dump. Every time I got really excited when I thought I found the perfect apartment, I would leave work early to go see it and get there to find out it was not even close to a good place. The times it really was a good apartment, the apartment would be sold before I even had a chance to see it. Cisco has had to work every night for the past few weeks which meant I was on my own to find us a place to live. It also meant I would have to make a decision on my own if I found a place I liked. Every day of hunting was an emotional roller coaster. Here is how the process went,
We found out we were getting kicked out so naturally I cried. Emotional low.
I told Lindsey (who found us our current apartment) and she said one of her neighbors had a basement apartment (across the street and in our same ward) that might be available. My hope sky-rocketed. Emotional high.
Next day I found a perfect apartment and wanted to see it as soon as possible. By the time we were on our way the apartment had just been rented out 5 minutes before.
We were waiting to hear if the apartment across the street was really available. Waiting=emotionally unstable.
I went and saw several cookies apartments and took Casey with me to be Cisco's eye. All of the apartments were really crappy and really expensive. I was ready to give up. Emotional exhaustion.
We found out the apartment across the street wouldn't be available by august but we wanted it so bad we figured we would move in with my mom and dad for a few weeks. Not sure what that emotional state was.
I stopped really looking for apartments seriously because I was so sure we were going to get into that apartment across the street.
Saturday me and Cisco had a garage sale (thats another story) and afterwords i was brave and called our neighbor to find out when the apartment would be available. He told me the current tenants decided to stay until the end of the year. Emotional low.
Monday I was so stressed out I felt sick and stayed home from work. I was constantly apartment hunting, checking Craigslist, BYU housing, and KSL classified's every hour. I went to see 2 apartments that day and liked them both. I talked with both landlords for almost an hour. They both told me they wanted me to live there. One apartment had a great location but wasn't my favorite and definately had some down sides. The other was completely renovated and so cute but didn't have very much storage and was in South Provo. I had to go see both aparments by myself and was stressing all day about which apartment we should take and if we could afford either of them. Emotional chaos and confusion.
After Cisco got home at 9:15 I gave him a quick overview of both apartments and showed pictures. We decided we liked the apartment with the good location so i called the other landlord and told her we werent interested. I was then excited to call and get our apartment and finally have a place to live. When I made the call she dropped the news on me that she had just barely accepted a deposit from another couple. Complete emotional devastation.
The lady was very sad because she really wanted us to live there. She just had to run a background check on the couple and would call us the next day.
Cisco kept saying we needed to stay positive and that we would end up getting the apartment somehow. pretending to be emotionally ok.
Now we are up to speed to today, Tuesday August 4th. I looked for apartments all day and didn't find anything worth looking into. I was waiting for a phone call all day and when I got home from work at 4:30 and i still had no call, I had lost all hope. I was on the phone with my mom telling her how much I had wanted this lady to call back and tell us we somehow got the apartment. I got a call on the other line and it was the lady. Turns out through a series of fortunate events she told us we could have the apartment! Emotional relief.
The apartment is on Foothill Drive and not even a mile from my parents house which is funny but at least we are in a good area!
I am so glad this is done! now just comes the sucky part of moving and rearranging everything in our new home. We have to buy a fridge which is a down side but that is ok. We are really sad to be moving out of the ward. Most likely we will end up in the same ward we were in our first 4 months being married. Funny to go back. I am so glad the apartment hunting is over. I am so exhausted emotionally!! It was quite the ride. We are moving on the 15th so it will be a while before i post pictures of our new place. We'll see how it goes!


The McKinleys said...

oh michelley!!! i know exactly how you guys feel. wow. isn't that the WORST?!?!? i'm so glad you were able to find a place though. if you guys need dinner, let us know, because we know how crazy it is to try and cook while packing up. i'm serious. anyways, i really, really want to see you.

it's been waaaaaaaay too long.

Daniel and Rachael said...

Hey! Love your blog. I am going to miss you!!