No Place Like Home

Well there's no place like home... literally. Me and Cisco won't have a place to call home in a few weeks. We found out on Tuesday that we have 5 weeks to find a new place to live. Yikes! Due to some family issues, our landlords are letting their granddaughter move in after she gets married so we have be be out by the end of August (right when school starts). I cried when i found out because as many quirks as our apartment has, i love it. We have been completely spoiled and so lucky with our past apartments and there is nothing i hate more than apartment hunting. I have been apartment hunting and after 2 days i am ready to give up. We will find something but it wont be as cheap as we have now or as nice. Here are some of the things i will miss about our cute home:
Endless counter space in the bathroom
Huge living room and bedroom
Ground level (lots of windows)
Walk in closet
Potential to be very cute
Cable and Internet included
$500/month with everything included

Some of the things i dont love about our apartment but will still miss will be things like:
Carpet in the bathroom and kitchen
Our kitchen cabinets that are the same color as the carpet
The odd smells that sometimes come through the vent when the neighbors cook
All the blank walls (although i will miss that because i was planning on putting something on them eventually.)

Here is the post from when i finally had our apartment decorated with the pictures. It looks a little different but not a lot has changed since then. Our apartment.
Like I said, we have been spoiled with a great place to live and I dont want to leave. Everything is so expensive and we will be paying a lot more money for a lot less (smaller and older). We will survive. Hopefully we will find something good without having to go on the high end of our budget. If anyone has a place for us to live let us know!!


Lindsey said...

so so sad.

Taylor & Natalie Barrett said...

I'm sorry Michelle! That stinks! Best of luck finding a new one!