gowns, socks, and pain pills

2 weeks after me and Cisco got married we had a little adventure when Cisco got a kidney stone. That was a fun way to start out married life. Our first Sunday back from our honeymoon was spent in the Emergency room at Orem Community Hospital. He was in so much pain he missed work for a week. He was throwing up from the Percocet and was usually in pain before he could take another pill. His boss from Bajio have him this ginger tea concoction (it was all in spanish so i had no idea what it was) and you were supposed to let it soak on your back over where the pain was. It really did help with the pain but that mean that every 5 hours i was boiling a pot of ginger tea and soaking it on his back for the next hour. It was quite the tedious process putting one hot towel on his back and switching it every 20 minutes, but i did it because it helped the pain. The most fun was when he would walke me up at 3 and 4 in the morning in pain so i would go start boiling the water. I was then up until 5 soaking Cisco's back while he dozed off. Again, this was 2 weeks after we got married. Not what either of us expected! Some nights i ended up sleeping on the floor because every movement i made would wake Cisco up and he would be in pain again. I would just sneak out of the bed and sleep on a mat we had without him knowing. We tried everything. We finally decided to try the whole coke and asparagus routine. It is all over the internet about helping to pass kidney stones. This was pretty grose. He had to drink 2 liters of coke over a few hours and then drink pureed asparagus. It was supposed to break up the kidney stone so he could pass it. He eventually passed a tiny stone and felt better and we were shocked that something so small was causing so much pain. We didn't know that a year later we would finally meet the real culprit.
A few months after the kidney stone incident Cisco starting having a little pain in his back. It felt like the start of another kidney stone so we got worried. The pain never intensified and the kidney stone never came so we moved on with life. This pain would come and go every few weeks or months for the next year. When the pain started coming every week Cisco went back to the doctor to find out what the deal was. They were sure it wasn't a kidney stone because of where the pain was. Then Cisco had blood in his urine and they were sure it was a kidney stone. After an x-ray they were pretty sure it was a kidney stone. Another urine test and they were sure it wasnt a kidney stone. Another x-ray and 2 CT scans later and they said "it is most likely a kidney stone but we aren't sure." We went to see a urologist who did another x-ray and scheduled surgery. Even after surgery was scheduled they weren't sure they were going to find a kidney stone when they went in!

Tuesday June 23, 2009 we went to the surgical center for Cisco's big surgery. They went in (catheter style...no need to expand there) and pulled the kidney stone out with a basket. After surgery I met Cisco in the recovery room where he was doing pretty good. He was so excited about his hospital socks (the ones with the little grips on the bottom) and kept asking me if he could keep them. That is when we got to see the VERY LARGE stone that has been hanging out in his ureter for the past year. Yes, it is most likely the same one. That stone has been forming for a long time and it most likely got stuck in one spot. It was weird that the pain wasn't constant but his body just adjusted and got used to the stone being there. He felt pain every once in a while when it moved.They gave him a couple pain pills.
Cisco before surgery.

Cisco smiling before surgery.

They say having kidney stones is like giving birth. This is either his 2nd or 3rd child....we aren't sure.Next to a pea.
It was quite interesting recovery. He was taking percocet every 4 hours but by Friday morning was finally feeling better.... until we went back to the urologist. Friday we had an appointment to get the stent removed (it was a tube they left in the ureter to keep it from collapsing). This procedure was a little graphic so i wont go into detail but he will definately be able to empathize with me when i am going through child birth. The doctor went up to get with a camera and a large metal clamp to pull the stent out. Cisco was squeezing my hands until they were purple and i thought i had lost my two small fingers. He was in worse pain after the procedure that he was after surgery. I had to go pick up a stronger prescription for Lortab and he had to take 2 every 4 hours to cope with the pain. He was fully recovered by Monday and is happy to be stone and pain free! Oh the adventures medical problems bring your. We like to joke that Cisco never had many medical problems till he started dating me. Then look what happened the second we got married. Oops.


Emily said...

Oh man! That is intense. Poor, poor Cisco, and poor little wife who had to watch him go through it all. I hate seeing KC in pain, or sick, so I can only imagine how you felt.

I am SO glad it's over. That is one big stone. Yikes!

Grandma Payne said...

I am so sorry for all the pain and suffering that cute and sweet husband of yours had to go through. You guys are awesome - look at all the hard stuff you have made it through already. Edie