Cisco has lived a quarter of a century. He has turned 25!! 25 is a big step because it means he can now rent cars, our car insurance should go down now (since he is so much more mature than he was the week before), and we could qualify for another tax credit next year. YAY! We celebrated Cisco's birthday all day long and didn't stop there. His birthday is July 7th so I liked to tell him the celebrations started on July 4th. I provided major fireworks and all. On the 7th he woke up to breakfast before he went off to work. I made a LOT of food for 2 people but it was delicious. I made german pancakes, hasbrowns, and bacon. He went to work for a few hours and when he came home he got to open his first present. Present #1 was new shin guard sleeves for soccer so it wasn't the most exciting present. We made some late lunch together and hung out. Then he got to open present #2 which was a Calle shirt I picked out at the soccer store. I loved this shirt but i was really worried he wouldn't like it. Thankfully he loved it and he gets lots of compliments on it when he wears it so i feel satisfied!At 6:30 we headed over to Nicole and Casey's house for a barbeque with some friends. It was good food and perfect weather! After the barbeque Cisco and the rest of the hooligans headed over to a nearby school field to play soccer. While the boys played soccer me, Erin, Nicole, and Sydney entertained ourselves by playing rumicube. It was great fun until the sprinklers turned on. We were pretty impressed with our quick reflexes though. Within 30 seconds we had everything on our blanket, wrapped up, and we were off the field before we even got wet. The boys kept playing despite the slight water addition. Nicole and I grabbed the ice cream cake and brought it to the field so we had something to eat when they were done and it was delicously rich. It was brownies on the bottom, carmel ice cream, a layer of fudge, topped with whipped cream. Nicole outdid herself. It was a delicious end to the evening. This was the cake with our special happy birthday candles. After 5 minutes of trying to light the candles with the wind blowing, Cisco ended up blowing out the one candle we got lit as we sang happy birthday in super-speed mode.
The cook and host of our birthday event.

The happy birthday boy after playing a good game of soccer.

Us at the end of a long birthday.
It was a great day. When we got home Cisco got to open his final present. Present #3 was Harry Potter movies 1-5. This was Cisco's favorite present and by the end of the week we had watched 3 out of the 5. We like Harry Potter in this family. (We also saw Harry Potter 6 the next week and loved it but why did they feel the need to change it from the book?? The book was already so good). Cisco is now 25!!! He still thinks he is the birthday boy even 2 weeks after his birthday and anytime he wants something he says ,"but i'm the birthday boy." I guess we are celebrating his birthday for a few months.

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