A little behind

I guess i am a little behind with my blog posts but i feel like the few people who read my blog i see everyday and already know my stories! So here it goes. There may be a few posts at once!

A few weeks ago (May 16th) it was our one year anniversary!!! It feels like i can barely remember what life was like before we were married and at the same time i cant believe it has already been a year! We decided we wanted to get away but stay close so we found a bed and breakfast down in Cedar City. The place was called Henley Manor and was built for people to stay in for the Shakespearean festival. They ended up turning it into a bed and breakfast since the economy was slow. It said the rooms were Shakespearean themed which i thought would be a little crazy but after looking at the rooms we decided it just look like the decor in every other expensive home in Utah... so we decided it would be a good place to stay.

This was the room. It was a nice place to stay. It didn't quite compare to Johnson Mill where we stayed for our honeymoon but i don't think anything will every compare to that. We drove down Friday afternoon and went to dinner and got movies and just enjoyed the break from work. Saturday we decided to drive down to Las Vegas to do some shopping and eating. The drive down was only 2 1/2 hours so it wasn't too bad. I was so excited to go down to Vegas and spend all my birthday money until we got down there and i realized all Vegas has are tank tops and mini skirts. I did find a few things i loved but i found them all at Nordstrom which i could have just done here so that was pretty funny. Cisco found a bunch of new shirts which he desperately needed. We walked down the strip the another shopping mall and found a restaurant called Lombardi's. Cisco got this really yummy pizza and i got the seafood special which was so fancy and delicious. I took a picture of the food masterpiece.

That is 1/4 of a pineapple and it has been gutted and grilled with the pieced put back in. It has shrimp, mussels, and clams all over and is covered in a spicy apricot sauce. It was so good and exactly what i needed. After walking around on the strip in the 90 degree weather i wanted something light and not too heavy. It was fun to get something so new and different, After a few hours in Vegas we were exhausted (you can only handle so much of the Vegas strip). We walked what felt like a million blocks back to the car and headed back to Cedar City. We felt exhausted and like we were covered in a layer of dirt. Our hair smelled like smoke and our feet hurt from walking the strip. We got back to our room and joked that we needed a vacation from our vacation. It was a lot of fun but it wasn't the most relaxing! Vegas definitely wipes you out and after a few hours we were ready to be done. We rented a movie and enjoyed the night relaxing in bed watching a movie. It was a short trip but fun. We have been saving our vacation money so sometime in the future (hopefully sooner rather than later) we can make a trip out to Chile. We both have been dying to go and I want to see where Cisco grew up! I'm trying to learn some Spanish before we go but haven't gotten anywhere with that. I'll keep working at it and let you know when i'm fluent and talking as fast as Cisco (if that day every comes haha).

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