"I thought the Rockies would be a little rockier than this..."

Two weeks ago was my family vacation to Estes Park Colorado. It was so fun to be with everyone since we are never all together. We were all there except for Casey who was busy with his new raccoon friends in Boston. My entire life we have been taking trips to Colorado to visit my moms family and I always wondered where the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where. Estes park was my first experience with the mountains (besides driving through the mountains on the way home) and they really were amazing. We stayed in a fun cabin and had no cell phone service for the majority of the trip which wasn't all that bad. It was sprinkling and a little cool the entire weekend so we all wore the sweatshirts we brought everyday.

All of us at the Stanley Hotel

Bear Lake in the Rocky Mountain National Park. It was beautiful but most of us weren't really wearing hiking gear. I was in my purple flats and Camille and Emily were in flip flops.

On the arial tram. They said they stopped running the tram when winds were 40 miles an hour so we must have been at 39 miles an hour. I thought i was going to blow off the mountain.
Beautiful view. Kind of scary how high up we were.
The wind is holding Camille up. I don't think i have ever been in such strong wind.
Downtown Estes Park was a lot like Park City...with a more interesting variety of shops.
Sunday we drove down to my Aunt Caroline's house in Thornton for dinner with everyone. We also celebrated my grandpa's birthday since he turned 93 that week!! It was a lot of fun but the best part was the drive there. It was raining really hard and eventually it started to hale. I couldn't believe how loud it was. I got a call from Nicole who was in the car in front of us asking if i saw the funnel cloud. This was the coolest thing i have ever seen. Although it didn't really classify as a tornado, we like to think of it as our first experience being so close to a twister. This one next to us did touch down and looked a lot cooler in person. Apparently 5 or 6 tornados touched down in the surrounding area's that day. My cousins were kept at church for half an hour and one of their malls was damaged. That was one of my favorite parts of the trip.
It was Cisco's first time going to Colorado and I was really excited to show him all the places i had memories of. I didn't get to show him the mile long tunnel that we normally drive through because we drove there through Wyoming and he got to fly back since he had to be at work. It was a great trip though. To occupy myself on the long drive back i bought a book at Borders and finished it by the time we got home 8 hours later. Reading makes time fly!

By the way, when is summer coming? It was rainy in Provo before we left for Colorado, it rained the entire time we were there, it has rained almost every day since we have been back. Today was the first day I didn't need a sweater to keep me warm....and its June 19th!! I love the rain and it hasn't been bad since i've been inside working all day but i would like summer to come. sooner rather than later please!


Julie said...

Guess what? I have a blog now!

Grandma Payne said...

Hi little Michelle! I got on your blog through Kates. I hope you don't mind. I love Estes Park it is so beautiful there. Fun to see your family whom I love!Edie

Lindsey said...

I want to go there!